Subscription Management Software for Telemedicine Companies

Reviving healthcare with subscription-based telemedicine for consultation and prescription services with subscription management software for telemedicine companies

Get a Competitive Advantage in Telemedicine Industry

Telemedicine has further given rise to subscription-based services for patients. Now, patients can avail of consultation, treatment, and prescription services from the comfort of their couches. SubscriptionFlow will enable your telemedicine company to offer:

Reminders, Notifications, Marketing, and Customer Care Management

With the integration of industry-leading email and customer care management suites such as ZenDesk, MailChimp, Zoho, Odoo, or SugarCRM, telemedicine companies can bring a personal touch to their customer services.

Patients can be sent payment reminders, payment completion, or incompletion notifications, a reminder of their video appointment for consultations, and directions to visit the subscribed partner pharmacy for a prescription. Likewise, subscribed pharmacy partners will be notified and emailed the prescription of medicines or a test requirement, so they can deliver prescribed medicines to their places or collect the samples from the convenience of their homes.


Why Telemedicine Companies Need SubscriptionFlow?

To address all the concerns of the developing telemedicine technology, SubscriptionFlow offers a 360-degree solution of automation of payments and subscription management.


Subscription Plans Cataloging & Data Management

The details of any subscription plan can be maintained. From here, the status of the subscription plan or payment of any given patient or partner can be checked.


Proration Handing

Based on their medical condition, patients can upgrade or downgrade their plans which requires adjustment in billing. SubscriptionFlow does it automatically and generate accurate invoicing.


Dunning Management

In case of payment failure due to the limit ending in credit card, SubscriptionFlow sends auto-reminders to the patient or partner to ease their dues regularly until the payment is credited (payment recovery).


Tax Management and Auditing

SubscriptionFlow’s smart technology powered by Avalara will generate tax-compliant billing and manage the accounting and financial operations as per the region a subscribed patient belonged to.


SubsriptionFlow to Revolutionize Telemedicine Businesses

To take this healthcare digital revolution across the length and breadth, a robust, intelligent, and extremely flexible subscription management solution for telemedicine platforms is required.

SubscriptionFlow is a frontline telehealth subscription software that empowers you and your healthcare business partners while streamlining their subscription management and payment processing. 

Materialize Your Vision of Telemedicine with SubscriptionFlow

SubscriptionFlow is an all-rounder and highly customizable subscription management solution facilitating the vision of telemedicine businesses to provide alternatives to the unnecessary in-person visits of patients to the doctors, avoid exorbitant co-pays, and reduce the pressure on the system.