Empower Customers to Manage Their Subscriptions Themselves

Rest easy by allowing subscribers access to a self service portal that can allow them to manage their subscriptions


Reduced Hassle for Easy Subscription Management

Let Customers Take Control of Their Subscription Plans

Provide your customers with the options to:

self-service portal

Give Customers a Stellar Subscription Experience through Customer Portal

Automate Customer Service with Self-Service Portal

SubscriptionFlow offers merchants and their customers customizable self-service portals that can streamline their experience.


Stay Updated and Connected with Your Customers

Hit two birds with one stone by streamlining customer experience and converting more leads by using the customer self-service portal. Track customer changes and get real-time notifications for any changes made by users. Use advanced AI-powered analytical reports that describe your customer activity, behavior patterns and predictions.


Different Customers, Same Customer Experience

You can also offer freemiums, trials, rewards, coupons and customize your subscription self service portal to communicate with your customers. Whether it’s an onboarding greeting or important notices for changes and updates, communicate with all your customers in one dashboard.


Customize and Integrate Your Subscription Self-Service Portal

SubscriptionFlow is an AI-powered membership management platform that uses the self-service portal to empower customers and merchants as well. You can count on your customers to stay and increase their lifetime values by advertising your plans, upgrades and more.


Synchronized Changes Across All Dashboards

Changes made in a customer’s portal will automatically be synchronized and reflected in the administrator’s dashboard. The same goes the other way around. Monitor real-time changes and get notified whenever desired or undesired actions are taken by any customer at any time.