Recover Revenue with Smart Dunning Automation

Automate dunning processes to ensure maximum revenue recovery with custom rules and algorithms.


Maximize Recovery with Effective Communication

Reduce Involuntary Churn

Customers seldom want to actually hit the unsubscribe button. Mostly, it’s failed payments that they’re not aware of. Employ dunning in SubscriptionFlow that offers:


Dunning Analytics and Reporting

Dunning emails are important communications that need to be analyzed as much as your marketing ones. Which is why SubscriptionFlow offers to:

Customize Dunning Protocols to Streamline Revenue

Use SubscriptionFlow’s Smart Dunning to maximize revenue generation and retain customers to reduce involuntary churn and leakages in revenue.


Billing-Specific Dunning Protocols

Design and strategize dunning protocols that support your billing models to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Initiate distinct protocols for one-time, trials, freemiums, usage-based and all other billing models.


Schedule Your Retries

Define a schedule over the course of which your dunning emails are forwarded. Design emails that communicate increased levels of seriousness in a professional and polite manner.


Persuade with Confidence

With SubscriptionFlow, your dunning emails will include payment retry links to encourage customers to provide a smooth customer experience. Test your communications and send them as needed.


Stay Compliant and Reduce Risks

Dunning can help avoid the risk of being marked as high-risk merchants and getting blacklisted for having repeated payment failures. Stay compliant and maximize revenue with SubscriptionFlow