Subscription Management Software for Nonprofits

Your organization can benefit from the powerful tools of Subscription Management Software for Nonprofits. Improve your fundraising with SubscriptionFlow.

Manage Your Nonprofit Organization Seamlessly with the Subscription Management Software

Donations are the backbone of any nonprofit organization, and a recurring billing management system for nonprofits takes care of your donation hassles. SubscriptionFlow assists nonprofits in the following ways:

Better Donor Management

Subscription management software for nonprofits offers many tools for your organization to grow your donor base. Growing your base depends on how good your management is. Charity billing for nonprofits has got you covered in this area.

Multicurrency Support & Multiple Payment Methods

The more you facilitate your donors, the better your chances for donor retention. Using our nonprofit subscription management software will automate your revenue stream through its integration with multiple payment gateways. Your donors will be able to simply opt for the payment method that is most suitable for them and even specify their donation currencies.


Why SubscriptionFlow?

If you dream of retaining your donors, then you need subscription handling software for nonprofits instantly. Following are the ways you can establish a steady flow of donations with SubscriptionFlow:


Feasibility in Payment Processing

You do not need to wait for hours to receive payments from donors while you have onboarded our charity subscription management software. Integrations with multiple payment gateways enable nonprofit organizations to receive payments in the local currencies of donors conveniently.


Online Payment Forms

Online payment forms allow members to set up their payment method, credit or debit card information, email address, and phone numbers. Monthly or weekly donations are made with recurring billing software while donors’ information remains safe and secure. Through recurring billing, donor transactions are automatic depending on the payment plan.


Integration with Accounting Software

Charity subscription management software also enables charity organizations to Sync their customers, items, taxes and sales activity with accounting software QuickBooks Online, Xero and many more for a powerful end-to-end financial solution. These features prove that subscription billing for nonprofits is the solution to your hassles.


Analytics & Reporting

Our charity subscription management system also offers the feature of analytics and reporting. Here you can monitor the data insights of your nonprofit organization. You can track all charities on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This analysis will help you set targets for the coming year and achieve these targets as well.


Implement Your Donor Retention Strategy

If you want to have a long-time relationship with donors of your charity organization, then you need to make payment processing easier for them. With SubscriptionFlow, donors are notified when the payment is due and when it is paid. Multiple payment gateway integration ensures the security of payment processing.

Plan the Future of Your Nonprofit Organization with SubscriptionFlow

Have a futuristic plan for your charity organization and implement this plan with our cloud-based platform. With SubscriptionFlow, your organization will not miss out on potential donations. Build a strong and loyal donor base with the right recurring billing and donation software for nonprofits.

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SubscriptionFlow has saved us time and money. SubscriptionFlow has solved all of our billing and invoicing woes. With its extensive CRM tools and centralized system for unifying customer information, it…

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Great solution for managing our Business, I took advantage of the Free Trial to really test whether this solution would help our somewhat complex business model, and the flexibility and…

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Overall, I would strongly recommend ANY subscription based business to try it out. We started off with a one user and then gradually added more users and it was a…

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Great solution for managing our Business,I took advantage of the Free Trial to really test whether this solution would help our somewhat complex business model, and the flexibility and ease…

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