Optimize Customer Engagement Management for Growth

Empower teams with a 360-degree view of accounts using your product. Help them with customer data insights to intensify the deal-closing velocity.


Drive 2X Improvement in Identifying Opportunities, Engage proactively with Them

Opportunities can be lost easily when not tracked or responded to in real time. With SubscriptionFlow, find your product-qualified leads and expansion-qualified leads in real-time. Respond to them with data-driven action recommendations and capitalize on them.

Reveal the Potential In Your SaaS, Integrate SubscriptionFlow with Your GTM Systems

SubscriptionFlow uncovers the revenue substance by helping you identify the leads at the activation, conversion, retention management, and account expansion phases. It connects with your customer data platforms and reveals hidden opportunities.


How SubscriptionFlow-led Engagement Boosts Acquisition, Retention, and Expansion

SubscriptionFlow takes you on an automated ride of engagement management with fully tailored and scheduled GTM playbooks that pushes notifications, actions, and recommendation for actions as per the intelligent prospective segmentation and prioritization.


Engagement for Activations

Prioritized opportunities that can be activated or reactivated quickly and reached out to them with action requests that result.


Engagement for Retention

Cut the CAC pains, keep focus straight on retaining existing customers and remove the clutter that may churn them out.


Engagement for Conversions

Find the PQLs from your trial and freemium pool of users. Plan quick conversions with automated GTM playbooks and go pro.


Engagement for Expansion

Beyond acquisition and retention, there is a growth space called account expansion. Engage users to pay more for upsell/cross-sell.