Optimize Activation Handling: Signup with SubscriptionFlow

Detect the bottlenecks in your onboarding and product adoption process and clear the confusion and clutter around product usage insights.


Keep your Customer Vigilance Intelligent, Get Opportunities and Usage Insights in Your CRM

Luck favors those who are prepared. Sign up with SubscriptionFlow to flag friction around onboarding and product adoption and prevent account dormancy. And, start new with already dormant accounts with intelligent data-driven retargeting.

Signing Up Is Not End-Goal, Plan Steady Flow of Revenue from Every Account

Freemium or Premium, every user matters. Each one has the potential to become a recurring source of revenue for an indeterminate period if you have a great PLG company offering great products and services. Offer free and paid users a great experience so you have activated accounts.


Connect Existing GTM Systems with SubscriptionFlow—Find the Way-to-Go for Your SaaS Growth

SubscriptionFlow is an all-inclusive growth and retention management platform for SaaS businesses. Integrate your Salesforce, HubSpot, or any other GTM system with SubscriptionFlow in minutes and start driving growth and revenue with a bigger pool of paying customers.


Intent and Usage Analytics

Find where and why the opportunity can be lost. Get to the actual intent of the user and surprise them with their exact solution.


Dormant Accounts Re-activation

Acquiring a new account is difficult, but reactivating the dormant accounts is easier and faster. It draws more revenue from now.


Intelligent Account Activation

Find the PQLs that will support your acquisition, retention, and revenue goals in the long run. Prevent resources from being lost.


User Insights for Conversions

Prioritize the accounts and actions for recent trial or freemium activations for premium conversions with potential PQLs segmentation.