Streamline B2B Sales With Automated Quote Management

Onboard clients faster through frictionless B2B sales negotiations leveraging SubscriptionFlow’s end-to-end quote to order automation. Customize plans for enterprises, revise quotes during negotiations with ease, provision electronic signatures, and maximize contract renewals to unlock B2B success.


Seal Deals Faster With Quote Automation

Managing quotes manually comes with slow response times, clunky negotiations, incomplete contract histories and low renewal rates. SubscriptionFlow’s quote management software automates and streamlines your entire quote to order process to seal deals faster.

Create price lists and product catalogs, manage customer databases, and leverage quotation tools that help you draft, standardize, update and renew quotes effectively.  Simplify the process of drafting professional quotes to exchange with enterprise clients, make adjustments with a few clicks of a button during negotiations and allow your clients to sign contracts remotely through integrations with DocuSign, AdobeSign and other eSignature apps. Moreover, access clear document histories to strategize renewals and grow your contract value.

SubscriptionFlow’s Quote-to-Cash Automation

With SubscriptionFlow you can create quote templates that are easy to populate with pricing from your product catalog and exchange with potential leads. The quote is revised during negotiations and signed all through the quote automation. The system then creates a termed subscription contract tied to the contract that can be programmed to auto renew or get flagged close to expiration.

The system automatically bills, invoices and collects payments from your clients in the payment method of their choice. With frictionless quote-to-cash automation you seal deals faster, maximize the value of your contracts and enjoy high visibility over contract lifecycles to fuel growth. Here are some ways SubscriptionFlow’s quote management and subscription management software facilitates your growth with seamless operational efficiency:


A Highly Flexible System to Manage Quotes

Our quote template feature lets you add custom plans, terms and conditions and pricing details to the quote. Making changes to these details during price and terms & conditions negotiations is simple with fast response times.

Our system is endlessly flexible and allows you to make adjustments and changes in the quote till it gets accepted by the client. Countless integrations let you streamline all your operations and custom reporting lets you gain valuable insights from your subscription contract lifecycles.

Send Detailed & Consistent Quotes to Crack Deals

The quote to cash process starts from the time you offer something to your customers and till the revenue management because it covers all details regarding what your customer is going to get from you.


Eliminate Friction

Bring more predictability and stability to business health with streamlined quote-to-cash automation and don’t let leads slip out of your sales funnel from friction inside the quote management process.


Flexible Pricing & Billing

SubscriptionFlow offers high flexibility in the pricing model you choose to charge your clients. Bill them on the calendar date of their choice, offer their preferred payment methods, currencies and billing frequencies and automate billing and invoicing to take care of the complexities of B2B contract based billing.


Better Conversion

Offering professional and detailed quotes that get exchanged efficiently increases your B2B conversion rate. If you’re focusing on growth you need to invest in quotation automation to onboard clients faster.


Auto Renew Contracts

Set your contracts to auto renew or program customer engagement close to contract expiry to boost your renewals. The system lets you maximize the value of your contracts by affording clear databases, histories, and easy provisioning to grow customer loyalty.