Metered Billing: Tailored Charging with SubscriptionFlow

Empowering subscription businesses to excel in the local and international market by enabling them to charge customers based on their usage.


Benefit That All Sizes of Businesses Can Enjoy after Opting for Metered Billing

Metered billing model benefits all sizes of businesses. And a metered billing software not only maintains the flow of recurring revenue but also satisfies the customers for they pay for what they use. Other benefits include:

From Onboarding to Revenue Retention, Grow Business with SubscriptionFlow

If you are looking for metered billing software for SaaS, then we offer you a panacea to all billing-related worries. Here, you can bill your customers as per their usage. Bill any type of services with us for we enable businesses to streamline all billing operations.


Revenue Retention

The ultimate goal of opting for any billing model is to earn better recurring revenue and retain it as well. And a metered billing model enables you to do so.


Per-Unit Charges

If you offer services where one-time charges cannot help at all, then divide your services or product usage into units. Monetize these units by opting for our metered billing platform.


Fair Billing Model

Metered billing is fair for the customer as well as the users. Customers know that they are paying only for what they use. Nothing more, nothing less!


Better CLV

When customers know they are billed fairly, they stay on board for a longer time. Resultantly, they produce more revenue/profit for your business.

Opt for Metered Billing, Empower Your Customers, and Scale Your Business!

Today, customers are not only informed but they are also educated. They know what they are buying and the usage of the product or services that they have bought. SubscriptionFlow’s robust system allows you to test and try the billing model that benefits your subscription business.

A Mix of Billing Models for Your Customer Base

Customers want to be empowered. You can offer metered billing to your recurring customers. Even use a mix of different billing models to satiate the desire for maximum usability of your customers.

Other Billing Models to Try

If you decide to offer metered billing model with SubscriptionFlow to your customers, then there remains still room to offer other billing models to your customers.

Implementation of Your Billing Model

Billing models and their implementation with SubscriptionFlow maintain the flow of revenue. Multiple payment gateway integrations, multiple currency support, and the security of payment processing will turn your billing model into a success.