Go Global. We’ll Handle the Payments

Sell anywhere around the globe without worrying about cross border payment processing, tax compliance, exchange rates or local payment method availability. Focus on growth. Let our merchant of record handle the payments.

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Tap Into Hassle-Free Worldwide Expansion

Free your focus to deliver exceptional goods and services while effortlessly expanding into new markets with our Merchant of Record providers. With SubscriptionFlow, transact confidently worldwide, unburdened by compliance and taxation concerns & get the best bang for your buck with every international transaction. With frictionless payment processing taken care of, strategize bold growth initiatives, tap into new revenue streams and enable hassle-free global expansion through SubscriptionFlow’s trusted Merchant of Record services.

What is Merchant of Record Model?

Our Merchant of Record solutions handle payment processing end-to-end, including automated recurring payments with high approval rates. It also takes care of fraud & chargeback prevention while absorbing liability for any payment related risks. We act as an intermediary between your customers & your business automatically prorating charges, billing, invoicing & collecting recurring payments from your customers. 

As MoR service providers, we collect taxes based on your customer’s billing & shipping addresses & allow you to sell plans in multiple currencies with the best exchange rates for international transactions. In the final step the net amount that you earned is securely transferred to your subscription merchant account. The MoR also initiates recurring payments linked to flexible billing logic & recovers failed payments through smart retries & dunning cadences. With a bird’s eye view on unpaid invoices & failed payments, you can excel at managing your finances without any hiccups.

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Why Use Merchant of Record Services?

MoR for Subscription Business

We cater to the complex needs of subscription merchant accounts through tailor-made subscription merchant services. Access a host of subscription management features to help you not only streamline subscription payments but also tap into 360° subscription management.


Support Across Industries

Any subscription based business of any size can benefit from having a merchant on record for payment processing such as Merchant of Record eCommerce, SaaS, Magazine, eLearning and more. We understand your unique needs & can help you ace your payments.


Tax Compliance

Keeping tabs on taxation can be cumbersome when dealing with different regions with complex & ever-changing legal requirements. Automated workflows & seamless integrations with tax management software such as Avalara make the process of selling internationally a breeze.


Multi-Currency Support

Transact in any currency in the world through our multi-currency support & benefit from the best exchange rate. You can integrate with multiple payment gateways and offer all your customers’ favorite local payment methods including ACH, iDEAL, digital wallets, mobile money & more.


Global Expansion Support

Nervous about handling complex international regulations? No need to sweat it. We take care of compliance, multi-currency support, revenue recognition & reconciliation. Our MoR services also offer you the flexibility & scalability needed to evolve, expand, and claim your global market share.

Why Choose SubscriptionFlow?

With countless MoR providers, we stand out in our go-to-market flexibility, high degree of customizability & round-the-clock support.

Sell to Anyone, Anywhere

Our MoR solutions put no constraints on how you choose to sell. With MoR payment collection that is flexible enough to serve B2B & B2C businesses alike, regardless of their scale and go-to-market needs, our system adapts to your payment needs seamlessly.


Customize Everything

Stay in control of your brand. SubscriptionFlow offers the most tailor-made MoR in the market. From trials to checkout pages, pricing plans to billing logic, admin dashboard to workflow automation, we let you decide what works for you.

Stellar Support

From onboarding to dispute resolution, we’ve got your back at each step of the way. Grow your business with a payment provider that you can trust.


You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

The Merchant of Record model is a platform and a set of payment management services wrapped into one solution that is designed to help companies scale by breaking into new markets. The MoR handles all aspects of payment processing and compliance on behalf of businesses selling goods or services online including managing transactions, handling currency conversion, ensuring tax & regulatory compliance, mitigating fraud risks & accommodating diverse buyer preferences in the payments space.

MoR software offers businesses a scalable and cost-effective solution for expanding into new markets and managing complex payment processes. This allows businesses to expand into new markets quickly and efficiently without the burden of establishing legal entities or navigating complex tax regulations in each country.

MoR services employ dedicated teams of legal and compliance experts who stay abreast of evolving regulatory landscapes worldwide. Through advanced algorithms & real time data analytics, MoR software ensures that businesses remain compliant with local tax laws, financial regulations, and data privacy requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

MoR software typically offers 24/7 customer support to address any issues or inquiries promptly. Additionally, these platforms employ state-of-the-art security measures, such as encryption, tokenization, and fraud detection tools, to safeguard sensitive payment data and mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

MoR services enhance the customer experience by offering localized payment methods, currencies, and languages, which increases conversion rates and reduces cart abandonment. Additionally, customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their transactions are secure and compliant with regional regulations.

SubscriptionFlow’s MoR (Merchant of Record) services are priced on a pay-as-you-go basis at the rate of 5% per checkout transaction. The MoR collects a defined percentage from each transaction amount, with no hidden fees, monthly charges, or setup costs.

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