Trial Management Software for Conversions: SubscriptionFlow

Open up your sales funnel by offering free trials and freemiums to grow your bottom line. Customize trial periods, automate reminders, track usage, and optimize trial-to-paid conversions with the best trial management software, SubscriptionFlow!


Free Trials and Freemiums: Customize Acquisition Strategies

Trial periods and freemiums offer prospective buyers the opportunity to explore multiple use cases and gain a deeper understanding of your product, increasing the likelihood of attracting and converting consumers with a high lifetime value (LTV).

With SubscriptionFlow, you can completely customize trial periods based on your business’s needs. Offer flexible durations, one-click trial extensions, automatic email reminders, cardless trials, and auto-charge, as well as, personalized offers and discounts to incentivize conversion.

One Click Trial Extension

Did your customer sign up for a free trial and fail to utilize it? With trial management software, you can easily set up a new trial or extend an existing one with one swift click on your admin dashboard.

Automated Email Reminders

With an approaching trial expiration date, send out trial-end and program automated emails through the dunning management feature to encourage trial users to convert and continue using your product or service.


Cardless Trials

Enable cardless trials to tap into a customer base hesitant to provide payment details upfront. Prevent them from slipping out of your sales funnel by supplying access to your product without requiring an authorised payment method.

Autocharge Trials

Automatically charge trial users on their preauthorised payment methods unless they cancel before the end of their trial. This ensures a seamless transition from trial-to-paid usage and eliminates the need for manual updates to payment information.

SubscriptionFlow to Optimize Trial Subscriptions

Get the most out of free trials and freemiums with SubscriptionFlow’s trial management software. Look out for the following features!

Setup Flexible Trials

Tailor your trial management strategy to suit your business needs by offering:

  • Trial extensions
  • Flexible durations
  • Cardless trials
  • Autocharge


Run Drip Marketing Campaigns

Run data-driven drip marketing campaigns through multiple integrations.

  • Nurture trial users into paid consumers
  • Segment trial users for tailored campaigns
  • Design targeted strategies
  • Program email sequences throughout the customer journey
  • Monitor and optimize drip campaigns


Personalise Rewards to Boost Conversion

Offer coupons, discounts, or reward points to
incentivize trial users to successfully convert at the end of their trial.

  • Offer coupon codes
  • Offer discount vouchers
  • Offer personalized rewards


Track Trial Usage

Use RetentionFlow to track trial usage through highly customizable metrics. Drive conversion through data-driven marketing interventions.

  • Track trial usage
  • Segment users for targeted intervention
  • Proactively engage customers
  • Leverage data to incentivize conversion