Best CRM for SaaS Businesses

Streamline customer relationship management for your SaaS business by utilizing SubscriptionFlow’s robust and flexible SaaS CRM software.


Get a 360-degree View of Your Business with CRM for SaaS

Businesses need CRMs because they help in managing all business activities from a single platform. SubscriptionFlow now provides a dedicated CRM solution tailored for subscription-based SaaS enterprises. Now, you do not need to look for any other software because SubscriptionFlow offers all that you need to manage your B2B business.

Automate Customer Relationship Management

Leverage the features provided by the best CRM for SaaS Companies to identify your ideal customer, refine your buyer persona and redefine lead-scoring criteria for increased sales! Surpass your revenue targets and customer satisfaction goals by utilising data-driven decision-making and customised customer engagement.


Customer Experience

Our SaaS CRM Software offer the best customer experience with a customizable customer-service portal, automated event-based communications and more!


Lead Nurturing

Define and refine your lead scoring with insights that highlight target audiences and demographics for your next marketing strategy.


Customer Retention

Have precise and accurate analyses comprising customer retention metrics in terms of business value to reduce churn and revenue leakage.


Organizational Collaboration

No more silos! Synch your data across your tools using the only SaaS CRM software your employees will need to collaborate and communicate with one another.

Flexibility for Customizations and Integrations!

One of the best things that SubscriptionFlow offers is system flexibility and scalability. Now, you can integrate your required tools and software to make the most of your SaaS CRM. Fulfil your business needs with the same CRM for subscription business at the core and integrated payment gateways and other applications and software.


Streamlined Accounting & Marketing

With tools like HubSpot, Avalara, QuickBooks, MailChimp and more, you can automate all aspects of your business strategy in one platform.


Synchronized Contact Information

Have all your contacts synched with your softwares and tools to reduce hours’ worth of labor and direct your efforts towards growth!


Automate Subscription Operation

Don’t just get an overview. Have the authority to make any kind of change you want. Automate subscriptions, changes, cancelation processes and more!


Organizational Tools for SalesOps

Have your whole team collaborate and work on achieving sales targets by bringing them all together in one unique interactive dashboard.

Streamlined Accounting & Marketing

With tools like HubSpotAvalaraQuickBooksMailChimp etc. integrated with our system, you can automate all aspects of your business strategy in one platform.

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