Empower Your Ads with Magazine Subscription Management Software

Being a magazine owner, how many times have you get tucked with print media ads? We assume that it’s more than once. At SubscriptionFlow we have aimed to help maximum magazine business owners who are either stuck with their magazine orders or feeling confused on how to manage multiple magazine subscriptions. With SubscriptionFlow’s magazine subscription management software magazine business owners do not have to worry anymore about managing bulk of magazine orders and magazine subscriptions both at the same time.

Subscriptionflow and Magazine Subscription Management Software

Subscription management software for magazine will bring the needed automation in every task that magazine industry ever wanted. From empowering ads to managing bulk number of published magazines to keeping track of the sold articles, from maintaining the subscriber’s accounts to generating monthly or annual reports subscription software for magazine will cover every bit of it. When it comes to handling payments, almost none of the existing magazine applications offer recurring, but infrequent charges. Like many other indie magazines, SubscriptionFlow does not adhere to a very strict publishing cycle. This is that one factor why magazine businesses need to choose SubscriptionFlow’s magazine subscription management software.

Subscription management software for magazine

There are subscribers who aim for a new magazine issue every four months, but it sometimes varies by a few weeks. Many of the available SaaS products offer recurring charges such as every week, month, quarter or year, but magazine vendors still haven’t come across any tool that allows them to charge their customers whenever there order is ready for shipment. Subsequently vendors want a software through which they can resolve their billing concerns and can trigger a charge by the time any magazine gets issued to a customer. This is where magazine subscription management software jumps in and plays its role. Following are the some of the many indispensable features that will come along if you opt SubscriptionFlow’s magazine subscription management software.

  1. Minimize Costs, Maximize Efficiency

SubscriptionFlow’s subscription management software for magazine provides all the tools you need to run your magazine business. Our solution streamlines operations for greater productivity and will scale to grow with you over time. It will help you minimize your overall costs with maximizing business productivity and efficiency.

  1. Make Magazine Subscriptions more like Digital SaaS Subscriptions

Most indie magazine subscriptions are simple pre-orders for the next term. They also ask the subscribers to pay a year’s amount in advance. They usually do not renew automatically which means readers have to be reminded to come back to the site to buy another one-year subscription. Rather coming with a commitment upfront, what if we let readers subscribe on a per-issue basis? Once subscribed, SubscriptionFlow’s subscription software for magazine will enable you charge your readers a few weeks before the new issue is released. They can further cancel or change tiers any time when they want to.

  1. Provide a Simple Account Interface to Manage Orders/Subscriptions

We at SubscriptionFlow, believes in simplifying problems for businesses. We also are certain that a lot of readers do not like buying subscriptions to physical products because there is often no sense of control. For instance, you subscribe to a magazine online, pay the yearly fee, and then hope that you don’t move houses in the next twelve months. How do I change my shipping address in between issues? Do I need to renew manually? What if my credit card expires? We at SubscriptionFlow want to make readers feel like they are in control of their subscription through a simple account interface readily available in magazine subscription management software. An interface which is ideally designed for them without having to create a login or password (it may varies).

  1. Manage your Newspaper Subscriptions with Newspaper Subscription Management Software

If you are newspaper hawker then in that case too SubscriptionFlow is available to help you out with its newspaper subscription management. Gone are the times when you have to manage your newspapers manually. Now you manage all your customers’ data and subscriptions with just a click.

  1. Streamline the Management of all of the Above

The only reason why vendors need to use SubscriptionFlow magazine subscription management software is that they can streamline the admin side of things as much easily as possible. The ideal system is perfectly tuned to what businesses need to get done every day, week, month, and quarter. Creating a completely customized system allows businesses to avoid unnecessary steps and optimizes the process between receiving an order and sending out issues.

  1. Offer Discounts to Students and Libraries

We at SubscriptionFlow believe strongly about supporting the next generation of techies and making SubscriptionFlow available through more public libraries. Offering EDU discounts isn’t as straightforward as it seems because it requires some sort of eligibility check during the checkout process. We’re exploring using this openly available database to check customers’ email addresses and apply an EDU discount of around 25% or any set percentage. So that business can close more magazine sales through by making use of the discount functionalities present in magazine subscription management software.

  1. Different Tiers of Support

So many of the readers want to support the magazine beyond just buying a copy worldwide. What if, rather than just buying a standard subscription, they could choose from a few different tiers according to the level of support they want to give? We at SubscriptionFlow, can imagine at least three different tiers – subscriber, supporter, and patron. The higher tiers include a little gift to show appreciation for their support. Subscribers can change tiers in between issues as well.

  1. Bring automation

With SubscriptionFlow’s subscription software for magazine business can bring seamless automation in their day to day tasks. Precise detail of which are cited below

  • Automate daily activities to free up time to complete other important tasks.
  • Create over eight types of automation workflows from ad tickets to drip campaigns.
  • Set processes to only run on weekdays, to avoid lost tasks/emails.
  • Create a variety of actions from creating new lists, updating dynamic attributes, and sending Skype/slack messages.

Create multiple workflows working in agreement to accomplish larger or more complicated tasks through magazine subscription management software.

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