Grow Your Readership With Magazine Subscription Management Software

Relying on ad-revenue is too old-school. Grow your bottom line with magazine subscription management software. Offer subscriptions for e-magazines, newspapers, and trade publications with SubscriptionFlow’s powerful publication subscription management software.

Grow Your Bottom Line with Smart Magazine Subscription Management and Newspaper Circulation Software

The subscription management software for magazines automates recurring billing and equips you with tech-savvy features and solutions including:

3 Steps to Switch

Import Data

Import Data

Simply import your customers, subscriptions and invoices by extracting CSV files from your legacy system. Match the fields in your file to the fields in the magazine subscription software and upload your records into the system.

Connect Payment Gateway

Connect Payment Gateway

Next, connect your payment gateway with SubscriptionFlow to be able to collect online payments through a secure digital corridor.

Enjoy Automated Subscriptions

Enjoy Automated Subscriptions

Magazine subscription software handles checkout, allows you to bundle & sell print & digital plans flexibly, automatically bills & invoices subscribers, collects recurring payments, recovers failed payments, tracks important KPIs & acts as a magazine circulation software to track deliveries & monitor digital access.

Seamlessly Manage Subscriptions & Distribute Issues

From empowering ads to managing a bulk number of printed as well as digital magazine subscriptions to keeping track of the former and future individual and group subscriptions, SubscriptionFlow is a one-stop magazine subscription software that covers every bit of it.

Circulation Management Software to Manage Your Audience

If you want your digital audience to be managed in a better way, then SubscriptionFlow is for you. Here, you can use this newspaper management software for tasks ranging from subscriber acquisition to recurring revenue management for your magazine or newspaper. Even if needed, you can ask for integrations with the core circulation management software as per your business needs.


Order, Billing, Payments—Run Everything On Autopilot

Manage multiple subscriptions, magazine orders, billing and marketing integrations all under one platform. Automate your trade publications’ entire billing and marketing.


Workflow Automation

Our highly flexible software enables you to create automated workflows to execute all trade magazine business operations seamlessly.


Customizable Subscription Billing

Automate the actions for your subscriptions, billing, and payments and save yourself from the hassle of manual labor.


Payment Recovery to Boost Renewals

Set triggers, regulars, and rules for payment recovery through an automated system when payment failures occur to save revenue.


Self-Service to Empower Readers

With our self-service portal, give the freedom to your customers to operate and manage their subscriptions independently


Grow Revenue With Digital Magazine Software

Let your business thrive with an expanded readership across the continents. Focus on expanding your business globally and leave it to SubscriptionFlow to manage everything from billing to revenue recognition for your magazine or newspaper.

With Better Support, Build Great Business

We believe in continuous growth beyond the borders! SubscriptionFlow has built a whole support system for our customers. Get access to the hundreds of articles, guides, e-books, blogs, and other resources to help you with the best magazine subscription management.

Streamline Circulation:
Newspaper Subscription Management Software

With newspaper subscription management software you can simplify operations & scale your newspaper. Effectively manage subscriptions, accurately bill readers and enjoy 360° visibility of your business performance while identifying growth opportunities. Our robust system empowers newspapers to expand their readership internationally.

SubscriptionFlow can effectively manage newspaper subscriptions by:

Expand Your Reach: Trade Publication Subscription Management Software

Grow your trade publication’s reach as you expand readership with intelligent automation. Our digital magazine software solution enables efficient management of subscribers, error-free billing & invoicing, provisioning management & revenue management. Focus on delivering high-quality content to your audience. We’ll handle the rest.

The Right Tools to Thrive in a Competitive Landscape

Our platform provides comprehensive features tailored to the subscription management needs of magazines, newspapers & trade publications. Whether it’s offering dynamically priced & flexibly billed plans, selling both digital & print issues, automated billing & invoicing, self-service to upgrade/downgrade plans or access to data that measures your publication’s performance, we have got you covered. SubscriptionFlow equips trade publication owners with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive landscape.