Let Cutting-Edge Platforms Simplify Customer Success Operations

As a subscription business, your priority is retaining customers and Zendesk is one of the most influential tools one can have to improve customer retention.

Since a happy and recurring customer is the best one to approach for an upgrade plan, you need more customers happy and even more customers signing up for more.

This can only be done with an omni channel support network that can assure customers of their investment’s value. Which is why Zendesk becomes the number one tool you can use to satisfy your subscribers.

Zendesk comes with instant ticket management based on a consolidated view of a customer’s subscription details, including MRR, ARR, Recurring Billing & Payment Status, Transaction History, Subscription Health, and more.

With Zendesk integrated in SubscriptionFlow, you can get streamlined sales, billing, payment, monitoring, reporting, and technical support system in one place.

While SubscriptionFlow offers customer portals for your subscribers to handle their subscriptions themselves, Zendesk integration will offer enhanced customer engagements with automated and personalized emails, reminders, and notifications triggered by the recurring billing and subscription management system as per their subscription health status.

With SubscriptionFlow integrated with Zendesk, make communication between you and your customers seamless. Live Chat, Bot Chat, Video Chat, Calling, Emails, Social Media, Forums, Forms, or anything else, let your customers choose how they want to connect with you.

Subscription Software Integration with Zendesk
Zendesk, when integrated with SubscriptionFlow, can allow merchants to maximize their customer lifetime value by increasing customer retention and reducing the acquisition cost they accrue for each customer. Integrate Zendesk to take advantage of the hundreds of tools and features that come fully equipped to tackle modern-day customer experience problems.

Integrate Zendesk with SubscriptionFlow to Leverage Thousands of Features

Streamlined Subscription Management

Zendesk and SubscriptionFlow together make up one of the most effective and robust subscription management platforms that can help businesses of all scales and sizes to manage their customers and reach out to new ones.

Integrate Zendesk to leverage live chat systems that can help provide customer support while also increasing the number of visitors you convert. With AI bots readily available to be programmed as your business’ first responders, streamline your marketing and workflow communication.

With additional calling features to facilitate subscribers and execute outreach strategies, make the most of Zendesk integration with SubscriptionFlow and have everything readily available in one comfortable dashboard.

Analytics and Reporting

Define how your chatbots communicate with your customers and test out campaign strategies by experimenting with a variety of different customer care AI-bots. Check the performance of each strategy in your dashboard with analytics highlighting key performance indicators. Synchronize the data and reports that are produced with your marketing, sales and support departments.

Assign several agents and monitor each agent’s live performance at any given time to ensure optimal quality. Get real-time reports of customer and subscriber activity while tracking visit histories. Video chat customers and give demos to your customers to maximize conversions.

So, don’t wait up and get in touch with us to integrate Zendesk with our subscription management platform and provide you with a custom CRM to scale your business!


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