Opt for Tiered Billing Business Model & Let Your Customers Choose What They Want to Pay

Satisfy your customers by offering them different tiers of pricing and keep the flow of recurring revenue maintained


Tiered Pricing Model for Higher Recurring Revenue

Your choice of billing model decides the flow of your revenue. The tiered billing model is feasible to attract customers from all domains.

If You Need to Seize a Huge Customer Base, Then Tiered Billing Model Is For You

When you price your SaaS product or services by dividing them into different tiers, you are in a position to cater to a huge customer base. Customers find this billing model attractive for they find everything in the tier that you offer plus within the range of their budget.


Flexibility to Change Tier

When you decide on price tiering as a strategy, there has to be flexibility. Your customers should be able to switch pricing plans. If planned well, tiered billing has this element of flexibility to allow customers to switch tiers.


Affordable for the End Customers

Customers find tiered billing more affordable. You can cater to even those customers who do not make a purchase when there is a single standard rate for the SaaS product or services.


Adjustability of Tiers

Though you decide on tiers just once, adjustments are required in these tiers with time. Tiered billing allows you to improvise tiered pricing for SaaS companies depending on the competition in the market and your product value.


Boost in Conversions

With tiered billing, you can expect to boost the conversions. Companies usually offer Basic, Standard, and Premium pricing tiers. More customers will convert for they will find the tier serving their needs affordably.

Tiered Billing with SubscriptionFlow for All Sizes of SaaS Businesses

If you are entering the SaaS subscription market as a startup, tiered billing will enable you to onboard customers having varying affordabilities. SubscriptionFlow allows startups and new businesses to increase their customer base every day with this billing model.

Established businesses by opting for tiered billing can retain their customers. The flexibility of the tiered billing model allows their customers to switch tiers depending on their needs and the range of affordability.

Now that you are convinced that tiered billing is for all sizes of businesses (SMBs), SubscriptionFlow is ready to help you with your billing model. Contact our experts and let us help you with your billing model.

On our platform, you can even monitor how your billing model performs and if it delivers or not because we offer the feature of analytics and KPI monitoring.