View from the Top offers coaching services, and they have come up with their Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) Program to help men who need guidance in their practical, spiritual, or social matters. They offer subscriptions for their program and expect their program to produce results in about 6 months.

People having any issues regarding their growth can contact them, and the community of men at View from the Top decides if the slot is available for the newcomer or not.

View from the Top also offers coaching subscription plans for women as well. And SubscriptionFlow caters to their subscription billing management needs.

Operating Since 2013

Medium-Sized Enterprise

Located In The US

View from the Top Customer Success Journey

The Challenges

There were many challenges while working on this project. Especially, it was challenging to jot down their requirements for they want to do customization of the business solution that we provide on their own. Following are some other challenges:

The Requirements

The following requirements were identified after a lot of meetings with the team of View from the Top.

The Solutions

After identifying the requirements, here are the solutions being offered to the View from the Top team:



Implementation of the requirements of View from the Top was not easy because they needed a subscription management system from us, yet they wanted to customize it on their own. Therefore, team SubscriptionFlow meticulously managed this project. Integrations with the payment gateways were done and the system was checked so that it can fulfil all their recurring billing and payment processing requirements.

Looking Forward

SubscriptionFlow utilized the required resources to complete this project. We look forward to keeping good relations with View from the Top just like with our many other clients. Our team is ready to entertain any other requirements. Companies expand businesses with time, if View from the Top plans business expansion, then the SubscriptionFlow team is ready to offer integrations so that the same system can be used and no effort or extra charges are needed to shift the system to another platform.