Exploring The Modern B2B Marketing Trends To Unleash The Potential Of Your Subscription Business In 2021-2022

Conventionally, both B2B and B2C businesses used to opt for radio, television, billboards, and print media for their marketing. Do you think using the same tools this year can help you achieve your marketing and sales targets? A big NO!

You can’t even hit the marketing goals with the same marketing strategy that you were using before Covid-19 let alone the conventional marketing tricks.

So, the Team SubscriptionFlow is here to help B2B businesses focus and orient their marketing strategies in this year and the coming year that can help in achieving their set targets. The following are some of the SaaS subscription marketing trends that can be helpful in empowering your business.

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Multichannel Engagement

As mentioned earlier, today, a B2B marketer cannot rely only on conventional means of marketing. In fact, for many SaaS businesses, these old marketing tools are altogether unfeasible. Why? Because it is time for highly targeted marketing. To market a SaaS product to a huge audience on television or radio is an extravagance for many SaaS businesses. However, if you know your targeted customers, modern tools and marketing platforms can help you achieve marketing targets in lesser time and with comparatively lesser resources.

Today, people market their SaaS products on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. According to statistics of 2021, Facebook is the most frequently used social media application by digital marketers.

As a B2B business, never underestimate the power of social media. Here, you can find investors, sponsorers, partners, leads, customers as well as competitors. Social media platforms are the ultimate tools to increase your reach.

You also need to urger your marketing team to engage with B2B targeted customers through these multiple channels. Retweets, likes, shares, saves and clicks all show how well you engage with your customers. You must understand that a social media business profile without engagement is useless. And what can help you the most to enhance social media engagement is the content that can resonate with the audience. Today, everyone talks about ORGANIC REACH, a well-thought Facebook post that engages with the targeted audience can provide you with the reach that you wish. So, use these multiple platforms to cater to leads and customers from everywhere.

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Thinking beyond Your Side of Story

Being part of the subscription business ecosystem, marketers have to envision the scope of the market. High-tech tools & software and circumstances in the recent past have invigorated the entry of businesses to this market. Any subscription business can find ten more people in the same market offering the same services. Moreover, customers are smart and well-versed these days. They go for peer recommendations rather than marketing messages and ads.

Thereby, think beyond your side of the story. You have to consider what are your competitors up to. Also, you must consider the buyer’s perspective about your business, and to do that get customer feedback from time to time. When you understand the scope of the market better, you can satisfy your customers more and retain them.

Defining Buyer Personas

It has become an important part of marketing strategies to define buyer personas. The buyer persona is sometimes also called marketing persona that is to visualize the ideal customer. It helps in catering to potential leads that are most likely to turn to be loyal and happy customers.

What does the buyer person have to do with the marketing?

Buyer personas are very important especially when your marketing strategy is in the initial phases of development. If you know the image of the customer whom you need to target, only then you can expect your marketing team to market your product and services to the right clique of people. Tasks like email segmentation and influencer marketing are highly dependant on buyer personas.

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Using Semantic SEO

Almost all businesses have social media pages and digital business profiles. And you see millions of likes, shares, and retweets for their social media posts. Is it just because they are writing quality content? That’s not entirely true. Even very well written content cannot help you bring organic traffic and potential leads if you have not paid attention to SEO. They are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts who know google algorithms and all white hat SEO techniques that play role in maintaining the better ranking of SaaS businesses on search engines.

SEO experts find the keywords that can increase organic traffic to your website. Semantic SEO improves the ranking for a longer duration so that one does not need to opt for dirty marketing tactics or black hat SEO.

Focusing on Content Marketing

When it comes to marketing, content is indispensable. Experts suggest that nothing can help your marketing (especially digital marketing campaigns) more than well-written content. Content marketing is part of inbound marketing. You need to focus on writing blogs, social media posts, and cover the events at your company in words that can provoke the interest of customers in what you are offering.

If you offer discounts or coupons, then email marketing makes them lucrative for customers. If you cross-sell or up-sell your SaaS product, then data-driven content helps you deliver this news effectively to your customer base. If you improvise pricing, then social media marketing convinces your customers that it worths it to invest money with you. You see, the backbone is the content.

Statistics show if you spend $1 on email marketing, then you can earn $42 for this one dollar. Effective, precise, and targeted content enables marketers to achieve their targets.

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In conclusion, the mentioned above are marketing trends that can help you develop your marketing strategy flawlessly in 2021 and beyond it. Today, the scope of marketing is so wide that it has never been before. Digitalism has given it wings that any business can use to fly and reach the heights of prosperity.

Call SubscriptionFlow if you want to adopt subscription management software and get help from their experts to market your product or services.