Significance of Automated Communications in the Growth of Subscription Business

Customer experience is the backbone of the subscription business. When customers are taken care of, they go for renewal of subscriptions. Communication with the customers play important role in improving the customer experience. Sophisticated algorithms are used and specific applications are integrated with subscription management platforms so that you can use them for automated communication with clients. These online software are programmed in a way that they generate automated messages and emails to let users communicate with the clients. Automated communication has become a mandatory part of subscription businesses for it helps in:

  • Customer support
  • Marketing
  • Dunning management
  • Customer services
  • Question/Answers with customers

However, the content and the template of the messages that you use to communicate with your clients decide whether automated communication can help your subscription business or not. We, the team SubscriptionFlow, share with you some of the attributes of effective emails that you can use to connect with your clients.

Customize Your Emails

Though there are many communication channels that you can use to contact your clients, emails are primary and the most effective ones. The content, as well as the template of your email, should look as if the emails have been specially written for the client who receives them. SubscriptionFlow is the recurring billing platform that offers the feasibility to the users to customize emails to match their brand name.

For instance, if you are sending emails for the sake of marketing of some new product, you must communicate with your marketing team. Come up with a convincing piece of content for the email that not only attracts the clients but also goes with your newly introduced product or SaaS services.

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Customize the Email Templates

Whether you send dunning emails or branding emails, the template of your emails should represent your company. Even if you are not sending the email with the intent of branding, certain elements remain the same in all emails. They indirectly play role in endorsing your brand. So, you have to be cautious about the placement of your logo, address, and company name. Once you are done with these basic things, you can add the content that will remain part of your email by default.  From subject selection to email notification, you should customize everything.

This was about making your emails effective, but now you need to know how to holistically improve the automated communication process. Follow these tips:

Use The Right Communication Channels

Presently, many people are aware of chatbots. Clients know how to use chatbots to cater to customer care and customer support needs. Even the clients also know that the reply that they get for their queries is auto-generated by a high-tech chatbot working at the backend of the mechanism that the company has deployed. Just a decade ago, the options for communication with the client were not as many as they are now. However, today the number of communication channels has increased but posed new challenges to communicate with clients.

As it has been mentioned earlier that emails are one of the effective means of communicating with clients, but it is not the only means of communication with clients. Instant messages, phone calls, and video calls are some of the other communication channels widely used in the market. When you are choosing the communication channel for your SaaS subscription business, consider the nature of your business and the clientele that you cater to.

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Utilize Virtual Assistance

Covid-19 has directed many people towards online platforms and subscriptions for various services and products that they needed. So, the customer care and customer support centres immediately became overburdened. If you want to reach out to your clients speedily and efficiently, you must use modern and advanced technology means.

You can utilize virtual assistance, for example, chatbots as a quick means of sending a reply to your clients. Many clients have basic questions to ask, and you cannot keep your customer support representatives busy in answering cliché questions. Chatbots serve the purpose to generate automated yet relevant answers to customer queries.

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Callback Customers

If you want to lead the subscription business community, you must work on the customer experience. If customers come with complaints or queries, religiously reply to them. Even call them back to enquire if their concerns are being addressed and resolved. Though chatbots have facilitated the SaaS subscription business, people still prefer to talk to human beings.

So, you can adopt the strategy that chatbots record customer queries, but once these queries are resolved, one of your customer care representatives should call and talk to the customer to know if he is satisfied with the response.

Do Not Over communicate

Many companies commit the mistake of over-communication with subscribers and potential leads. If you do that, chances are high that you will lose your clients. No one wants to be nagged consistently no matter how beneficial are the products or services that you offer. For example, newspapers and magazines publish their content on e-platforms frequently. Many subscribers complain that their inboxes remain filled with emails from such content publishing platforms. This practice of notifying subscribers about every article or the news being published on the e-magazine website can increase the churn rate. To cut the long story short, do not send too many messages or emails to your subscribers. Make it part of the plan that when and how many times the emails will be sent to your subscribers.

If you want to use communication platforms for an automated response for your subscription billing business, you can contact experts at SubscriptionFlow. They will not only provide you with a guide from scratch but also tell you about SubscriptionFlow integrations that will help you communicate with your clients in a far better way.