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Streamline Your Subscription Business in Turkey: The Benefits of Subscription Management Software

Many businesses are operating on the subscription business model in Turkey, however, it is not easy to manage millions of subscribers. Coffee shops, restaurants, music and OTT platforms offer monthly subscriptions that cater to many subscribers.

To manage these subscribers, businesses need automated software that can manage everything seamlessly from billing to revenue management. SubscriptionFlow offers automated subscription management for Turkey based businesses.

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Here’s how a subscription management system will help you with your recurring billing business in Turkey:

Unrestrained Business Growth

To grow your subscription business, a subscription management platform is a need. How? First, there are entry barriers in any region beyond borders. Turkey has a unique geographical location. It is located where two continents meet—Asia and Europe. Most subscription businesses not only target customers inside the country but also beyond borders. And to take businesses to the international level, you need automated subscription management software in Turkey.

Subscription management software is a complete business solution that integrates with required payment gateways and third-party software so that you can get one system that can be accessed with a single sign-on (SSO) option. So, it becomes a lot easier to run your business seamlessly.

Accurate Billing & Invoicing

Accurate billing to the process of generating invoices or bills that correctly reflect the products or services provided to a customer, along with the corresponding prices, taxes, and any other applicable fees. Many subscription businesses face the challenge that their subscribers change subscription plans from time to time (proration). It is not easy to manage prorations. Especially, if proration is managed manually, it is next to impossible to do it seamlessly. However, automated subscription billing services in Turkey facilitate managing invoicing, billing, as well as proration.

No matter when your customer changes his subscription plan, an automated subscription management software will manage it. You can even choose a template for the bill or an invoice that will be a perfect representation of your business. An automated system based on AI algorithms will calculate bills accurately. If there are changes in the subscription plans, then the recurring billing software accommodates these changes.

Secure Payment Processing

The most critical point for subscription businesses is online payment processing. When subscription management platforms integrate with payment gateways, online payments can be processed without any hiccups.

For instance, eCommerce businesses in Turkey prefer Ayden and NMI payment gateways for secure online payment processing. Payment gateways encrypt the sensitive information of the customer. When payment gateways are integrated, it becomes not only safer to process payments but also easier as payment gateways are designed and developed for this specific purpose. Also, payment gateways allow your customers to pay their recurring charges in their local currency.

The good news is SubscriptionFlow integrates with both NMI and Ayden. So, do not miss out on your chance to have the best tech stack and fintech for your subscription business in Turkey.

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Customer Data Privacy

Payment processing through a payment gateway ensures the security of sensitive customer data, however, throughout the customer data is tracked. SubscriptionFlow allows users to track customer data from start to end. Keeping this data secure is important. Our subscription management software in Turkey is cloud-based. Cloud has its own customer data security mechanism that includes multifactor authentication, data backup and disaster recovery, and GDPR and PCI compliance.

So, our cloud-based software can provide robust security measures to protect customer data, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations without having to worry about data security.

Multiple Payment Methods

Another important thing that subscription businesses need to offer their customers is the multiple payment methods option. All subscription businesses need to cater to a diverse customer base, and not all customers prefer paying with the payment method that you offer. So, to offer your customers multiple payment methods options, SubscriptionFlow integrates with multiple payment gateways that allow multiple payment methods. Our integrated system will allow your customers to pay you through credit cards, debit cards, electronic wallets etc. Purchase is a complete experience for customers, and you need to offer the best customer experience. We make it possible for all subscription businesses in Turkey to offer subscribers the best payment experience. With our system integrated with the top payment gateways, your subscribers will be able to pay in time, speedily, and securely.

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If you dream of taking your subscription business beyond borders, then you need to try SubscriptionFlow. Schedule a demo with our team of experts to see how our subscription management services in Turkey will enable you to do wonders for your business.