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How To Go Headless with The Wix Store Using SubscriptionFlow’s APIs?

Headless eCommerce is one of the buzzing keywords in the eCommerce and SaaS business market. The research shows that eCommerce sales are expected to grow and rise by 16.1% in 2022. The rise in revenue and sales of the eCommerce market is underpinned by the fact that merchants have much more opportunities by leveraging SaaS software and tech-savvy technology.

In this article, we are going to look at headless eCommerce stores and how APIs can expand the scope of your headless e-commerce business. This article will also illustrate starting a headless Wix store using SubscriptionFlow’s API.

What Is a Headless Ecommerce Store?

A headless e-commerce store is innovative in the e-commerce market where the front end is decoupled or separated from the front end of the store.

With the headless architecture of your store, you can manage your front-end and back-end development separately. Using the API integration for executing the processes such as checkout, and billing, you can connect your front end and back end of the store seamlessly.

With headless e-commerce stores, business owners are not forced to use one system as the sole platform. Rather, with API integrations, you can make your eCommerce store faster, quick, and interact seamlessly.

How Does Headless E-commerce Store Benefit Your Business?

Monolithic eCommerce stores and their practices are being outsmarted by innovative e-commerce that prices customization, and easy solutions according to the needs of customers.

If you run a headless e-commerce Wix store, you will have plenty of room for customization and personalization for your customers. You will be able to channel your business and its features seamlessly using API integrations.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get with headless eCommerce:


With a headless eCommerce store, the developers and merchants get the flexibility of using as many front ends as they want. You can customize the front-end development and manage the back end of the website or Wix store seamlessly.

With SubscriptionFlow API integration for subscription and billing, discount management, product listing, and many other operations you can integrate it into your system without disrupting anything on both ends i.e., front end and back end. Our API integrations provide customization to the merchants of the business so that can offer their customers several features and solutions – Make your business stand out.


When the front end and back end of the website or eCommerce store are adjoined together then hackers can easily access the system with the front end. In terms of billing and payment processing, your eCommerce business needs high security that keeps the customer database safe.

Keeping the importance of payment data and payment transaction security in consideration, SubscriptionFlow provides HPP (hosted payment pages) API integration for SaaS, B2B businesses, and eCommerce stores. Our hosted payment pages are secured with the PCI compliance layers that ensure security from breaches and fraudulent attacks on the database.

With the headless e-commerce store, your store can leverage Hosted payment pages API and subscription billing to achieve seamless subscription billing management for your e-commerce store.

Better Subscription Management

Headless eCommerce stores are not limited to general e-commerce stores only. The trends of eCommerce stores are rapidly under change and many e-commerce businesses have started to adopt the subscription business model.

Those who have a subscription business model for their eCommerce store can leverage the headless e-commerce along with API integration of subscription management software to give a kickstart to their business.

With the headless e-commerce store, you can check the needs and the solutions required to optimize the business. API integrations have modules for different features to process such that you can add, edit, and delete anytime.

The e-commerce stores working on the subscriptions-based model can add modules of payment gateways, third-party app integrations, API for multi-currency integration, product types, and other related features without any length and cumbersome procedure.

Not only you can add different modules to expand the features and solutions for your subscription business but you can also customize them.

For an instance, using SubscriptionFlow’s API integration you can customize the features and modules – in accordance with the requirements.

Our system is a highly flexible platform that will ease up editing and customizability t your products and features for the eCommerce store.

SubscriptionFlow’s API Integration for Your Wix Store

SubscriptionFlow provides APIs to B2B and eCommerce business owners so that you can run processes and introduce new features to the customers. For an instance, if an eCommerce store wants a module for subscription billing and invoicing then using SubscriptionFlow’s APIs the feature can be called and introduced.

We offer different types of APIs such as for hosted payment pages (HPP), invoicing, billing, subscription, and much more. The samples of the APIs for different modules are available on SubscriptionFlow’s website as you can see below.

Here is the API for the module products. In this, the response sample is given along with fields and operations for product listing of your business.

SF-Wix integration

In the picture above, three responses are given:

  • 200 Successful Operation
  • 401 Unauthenticated
  • 403 Forbidden

These operations are part of the API with every module for generating the responses respectively.

APIs for Subscription Operations

ECommerce businesses that operate on a subscription business model can also opt for APIs to operate subscription operations.

There are multiple subscription operations that a merchant can opt for in the e-commerce store such as adding the option to pause the subscription, delete, modify, resume, edit, and many other operations.

To get the call subscription operations API, our wix subscription management platform provides customizable and personalized modules for extra features.

Create and Update APIs

You can create and update APIs as per the requirements of businesses o customers. We have APIs through which you can post and put the APIs.

To update, the ‘Post’ APIs and available and for updating, we have the ‘Put’ API.

SubscriptionFlow has the most flexible and customizable APIs that will help you in nurturing your headless eCommerce Wix store.

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