Subscription Management Mastery—How to Get Started with SubscriptionFlow in 2021

2020 would be remembered in history as one of the times where mankind, in general, lost their tracks to wellness, success, and profusion as well as found new paths to achievement, sustainability, and growth in different directions. The economy is one of them.

Initially, 2020 loomed the threats to existence and plunged the revenue and growth across many sectors still plenty of businesses who had switched to the subscription model earlier or during COVID spells reported improvement in numbers and progression.

The subscription business model was the winner of 2020 and garnered a generation of subscribers. And, the biggest challenge 2021 brought to the subscription businesses is to retain their COVID-era customer base.

COVID has quite an impact on customer purchasing patterns and actions to prioritize the products and services as their needs or wants. The coronavirus outbreak grew tech advancement and dependency with remote-working, self-service, and customer expectation for personalized solutions.

Will the same drifts continue in 2021?

Experts suggest it as a change that evolved in behaviors and would remain here until some other paradigm shifts influence our civilization, again, with more impact than COVID.

So, folks, it is time to reinvent yourselves and gear up for some robust subscription business management solutions. It is time to get over the economic downturn from 2020 and offer flexible consumption cum subscription options for the customers of today and tomorrow as well.

Heading into a new year would bring so many subscription solutions that help subscription businesses to grow their business and form more partnerships and associations. Furthermore, the proliferation of cognitive technology has also laid a foundation for the stronger subscription business model with an emphasis on customer retention.

Breaking Down the Subscription Business Management in 2021

Subscription business management encompasses many aspects related to operating a subscription business and managing multiple business processes. Subscription businesses can broadly be categorized into three types: Physical goods subscriptions, digital products subscriptions, and services as a subscription.

Management of any type of subscription business is all about taking the charge of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the business’s resources so they can meet the objectives of the policy. The key business processes that need to be managed in any business include:

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  • Product Development or Procurement
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Admin and HR
  • Fulfillment
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service


Subscription business management is no different. The only difference here is an addition of another process called subscription management and all the above-mentioned business processes work in association with subscription management.

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What is Subscription Management and How Does it Work?

Subscription Management is the key process of a subscription business. It deals with the management of subscription cycles.

It can formally be defined as;

“the process of monitoring and managing the products or services sold to the customers on a recurring basis as a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.”

From managing the trials or free-testing to managing the recurring billing and mid-of-the cycle subscription changes, it covers all the aspects of the customer life cycles from beginning till the end or restarting.

A subscription cycle is a journey that begins when a customer signs up for a product or a service on a recurring basis for a definite period, called a subscription term. At the end of the subscription term, the subscription cycle is completed when the subscribe chooses not to continue with the subscription.

The subscription businesses need to strive to retain the customers by offering them exclusively tailored re-subscriptions or subscription upgrade plans.

This is why subscription management is a complicated and continuous process of keeping the subscribers on-board, facilitating them with optimized pricing, billing, and upgrade offers, and using the customer’s data to provide enhanced customer experience while collaborating with other business processes.

With hundreds of subscribers and longer billing cycles, subscriptions cannot be managed manually. Ordinary invoicing and billing cycles are not enough to manage the complexities of recurring billing and payment processing.

Several tools are available in the market that can be used to manage subscriptions and subscriber’s lifecycles. These are called subscription management software or recurring billing software.

Start the Easy Way—Automate Subscription Management

Yes, subscription management is an intricate process but it is up to the subscription merchants how they choose to manage their subscriptions. It is an age of optimizing the business processes with quick hacks and tech solutions.

Get rid of the complex spreadsheets, time-consuming calculations, and find peace of mind with quick, transparent, and automated subscription management.

And, to automate recurring billing processing and subscription cycle, subscription management software is an ideal solution.

Subscription Management Software is also known as Subscription billing SaaS, Subscription Management System, Recurring Billing Software, etc.

Subscription software is used to automate the subscription billing and manage the key subscription processes like creating a subscription against the product or plan, manage the customer data for invoicing, billing, and payment processing, calculating the usage or fixed pricing after every interval when the billing cycle hits, generating or customizing an automated device to be sent to the customer, etc.

Recurring invoicing and billing and subscription cycle management is one part of the subscription management software. Today, more and more subscription software can process the recurring payments to allow merchants to receive subscription payments directly to their accounts when integrated with the payment gateways.

Payment gateway integration streamlines the recurring billing with recurring payment processing.

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SubscriptionFlow—360-Degree Subscription Solutions In One-Place

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management software that induces automation in the recurring billing and payment processing for the subscriptions. As a cloud-based, automated, and flexible recurring billing and subscription management platform, it offers highly customized solutions for invoicing, billing, and payment processing with a range of integrations to streamline the workflows for revenue operations.

SubscriptionFlow allows subscription-based businesses to create, manage, and automate the subscription billing and payment processing for their products or services.

It is a SaaS subscription management platform that can

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  • Create multiple plans against the products
  • Set a billing model for optimized pricing
  • Customize invoicing
  • Prorate subscription billing
  • Automate charging a customer against the subscription
  • Facilitate online payments directly to the merchant accounts
  • Automate billing and payment reminders
  • Schedule revenue recovery
  • Integrate several payment gateways
  • Connect several marketing, sales, finance, and other third-party cloud-applications


Getting Started with SubscriptionFlow in 2021

If you are a SaaS vendor looking for recurring billing software that can optimize metered billing for users or you are a subscription box merchant who wants to allow their users to customize their subscription box and its billing, SubscriptionFlow is all you need for automated recurring billing and payment processing you need to provide customers best and budgeted subscription services.

Begin your subscription billing journey with SubscriptionFlow and head to the success and growth opportunities with automated subscription management while saving your time, resources, and efforts.

Using any of the four ways, subscription businesses can begin their recurring billing management:

Register for Guided Demo

SubscriptionFlow is a team of tech ninjas and subscription consultants. Take the assistance of these geeks and learn about the personalized solutions SubscriptionFlow offers for your business.

Head to the SubscriptionFlow site and click on the ‘Schedule a Demo’ tab at the upper left of the page:


Select your preferred time and schedule a 30-minute one-on-one meeting with our subscription consultants and explore the opportunities and benefits in automated subscription management from the platform of SubscriptionFlow.


Self-Explore—Proceed to Demo

It is said that one never knows what they want until they walk through the path.

To test demo yourself, navigate the ‘Proceed to Demo’ tab at SubscriptionFlow site and hit the button to proceed to demo.


Clicking on the tab will land you on an online form that requires you to fill in the following details.


You are all set to test the SubscriptionFlow yourself. SubscriptionFlow is a highly accessible, responsive, and user-friendly automated subscription management platform and it is not a great deal even for a newbie to explore its functions and features. From its easy and customizable dashboard to a simpler interface, users can themselves explore different jobs within the online application.


Get a 14-Day Free Trial

SubscriptionFlow plans are simple and applicable. Beginning with a 14-day free trial, get a SubsriptionFlow subscription, absolutely, free.

Land to the SubscriptionFlow site and hit the ‘Try It Free’ button.


A new page appears. Provide the details and hit the ‘Request Trial Account’ Tab.


As soon as you hit the tab, an automated email containing the link to your SubscriptionFlow’s free 14-day trial account will be sent to your provided email address.

All you need is to click through it and start setting up your subscription management with all the features and functions enabled and 24/7 support available at [email protected].

Subscribe to SubscriptionFlow

The lifetime commitment for stellar subscription management begins as soon as you end your free demo or trial account for SubscriptionFlow.

Navigate Pricing at the SubscriptionFlow site and choose a plan that works best for your business. We offer the following three customizable plans:


Hitting the ‘Buy Now’ tab will take you to the checkout page. Fill in the required personal, billing, and payment details and proceed.


You will be sent an automated email containing the link to your SubscriptionFlow account at your provided email address.

All you need is to click through it and start setting up your subscription management with all the features and functions enabled and 24/7 support available at [email protected].

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