How To Re-Engage Your Dormant Email Subscribers & How Does It Benefit Your Subscription Business

Emails have long been used in the corporate sector to interact with customers. Today, there are specialized tools to send and manage emails. Emails are part of every strategy that is planned and devised for lead generation, lead engagement, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

However, many organisations fail to engage with customers through emails. It is quite concerning when your email subscribers stop responding to your emails because it directly affects the email lists and the email open rate that help you cater to leads.

There can be varying reasons behind the dormancy of the email subscribers, for instance, frequent emails, irrelevant emails, email content that is not personalized, or probably the subscriber has changed his mind, but in this article, we will not discuss the causes behind the subscribers going dormant. We consider the damage is done. Now, team SubscriptionFlow is here to help you find ways to reactivate your email subscribers.

Understanding Dormant Email Subscribers

Before we delve into the details of the solutions to reactivate dormant subscribers, you should be clear that who exactly are the dormant subscribers. According to marketers, a dormant email subscriber is that customer who allows you to send him emails that can be marketing emails etc. However, the customer stops responding to your emails. Dormant email subscribers need your attention because your teams spend resources to maintain the email list. When a significant number of customers do not respond to these emails, it is more like wasting resources. Finding the dead or dormant email subscribers is just like a Zombie Hunt. You can use the performance of key metrics that your subscription management system provides.

Relevant & Effective Email Content

Content relevance is considered the foundation of email marketing. So, the content that you write in your emails have to be precise and to the point. Statistics show people are not interested in reading lengthy email content. The email marketing campaigns hugely depend on the content that you write. It is crucial for your subscription business that your marketing executives are abreast of the trends in the subscription business market to come up with content that can re-engage inactive subscribers.

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Update Email List

Though SubscriptionFlow experts suggest you re-engage your dormant email subscribers, you need to trim your email list with time. There are email subscribers who never reactivate. You need to identify these subscribers and remove them from your email list. One of the benefits of subscription management software is that they help you track customers. So, monitor the subscriber journey and find out those who are least likely to engage once again. Remove these contacts from the email list to conserve your resources.

Reconfirmation Emails

Before you delist dormant subscribers, you can send them reconfirmation emails. Keep this email precise and ask the customer whether he wants to hear from you in the future. You can attach the details regarding some upcoming discounts or coupons that you are recently offering—the last try to keep your customer onboard. If you do not get any response, it is time to say goodbye to your dormant subscriber.

Strategy to Re-engage

Now that you have delisted the subscribers who are in dormancy, you need to have an effective strategy to engage those subscribers who can reconnect with you. You can use the subscription management tool that you use. These tools provide you with business insights that you can use to re-engage your dormant subscribers. You can:

  • Conduct webinars to engage the dormant email subscribers.
  • Conduct surveys to find the reason for the dormancy of the customer.
  • Offer a reward for filling and submitting the survey form.

There can be many other tactics that experts can suggest depending on your business niche.

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Add Call to Actions

A well-placed Call to Action (CTA) can help you bring dormant subscribers back to life.  And for the proper placement of CTA, you need to write the content of the email in a way that gradually leads the reader towards the action. You can use the CTA button in the emails, however, the content of the button should not be boring rather it should have a sense of urgency. Moreover, the CTA should be merged in the email in a way that looks going with the flow of the content of the email.

Facebook Custom Audience

Social media provides you with the best platforms to target your email list. You can use Facebook Ads Editor to connect with your email list contacts. By using this feature you can add the email list to Facebook and launch the campaign for the contacts added to your email list. It is a feasible option to reach out to the customers that are dormant in your email list but active on Facebook.

Customer Re-engagement Advantages for the Subscription Business

In subscription businesses, retaining customers can benefit more than the acquisition of new customers because the resources required to retain customers are comparatively less. Retailers are already aware of customer behaviour. They have data regarding various activities of the customers. There is a fair chance of making targeted decisions that can help in retaining customers.  Other than customer retention, re-engagement plays role in increasing the lead conversion rate.

How SubscriptionFlow MailChimp Integration Can Help You Reconnect with Dormant Subscribers

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management software that offers integration with MailChimp which is a specialized platform to manage email marketing. With Mailchimp, you can categorise your contacts into the following categories:

  • Subscribed
  • Unsubscribed
  • Non-subscribed
  • Cleaned
  • Pending
  • Archived

Integration of SubscriptionFlow with MailChimp allows you to manage active as well as inactive email subscribers. There are many other features of MailChimp. SubsccriptionFlow integrated with MailChimp offers you a complete recurring billing business solution that you can use to manage subscriptions and marketing campaigns. MailChimp streamlines many marketing and sales processes for small scale & large scale enterprises as well as for startups.

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If you are up for re-engagement of your dormant subscribers, you can contact SubscriptionFlow experts. Here, you can use subscription handling software as well as manage your marketing campaign with SubscriptionFlow MailChimp integration and bring inactive subscribers back to life.