SubscriptionFlow Vision 2024

SubscriptionFlow Product Updates for 2023 & Vision for 2024

Now that we are all heading to the year’s end, it is the time when all businesses run analysis on the policies that they worked on throughout the year. They also conduct audits for accounts to find how much is spent and earned. However, in the SaaS business world, companies also need to run sales and product audits and they are crucial to conduct. Why?

Here, in the SaaS market, products are not tangible like in the real world. So, if it is challenging to develop such an intangible product, it is equally taxing to market, sell out, and earn revenue from such products and services.

The point is just like any other business, it is also a time for SubscriptionFlow to go through all changes and outcomes of policies. In this article, we will share with you all the developments on our SaaS product—SubscriptionFlow made in the year 2024 and is the vision for 2024.

SubscriptionFlow Product Updates for 2023

Every day, development and product teams at SubscriptionFlow come up with innovative ideas, however, a few of them get approved and enter the development phase. We are going to share with you some of the most significant developments in our subscription management software.

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1. Merchant of Record (MoR)

A significant improvement that will be introduced for SubscriptionFlow in 2023 is the incorporation of Merchant of Record (MoR) services. With this calculated move, SubscriptionFlow now acts as the Merchant of Record, handling transaction management and payment processing on behalf of its users. By combining payment-related operations into the software, this advancement streamlines the subscription management process and frees organisations from handling complicated billing and renewal processes. By providing MoR services, SubscriptionFlow helps users focus more on their core business responsibilities by reducing workload and streamlining financial operations. This creative method positions SubscriptionFlow as a comprehensive solution that efficiently manages subscription lifecycles, thereby enhancing its value.

2. Payment Gateway Integrations to Facilitate Users Go Global

Today, for every business, it is important to have integrated payment gateways so that payments can be processed from across the globe. SubscriptionFlow was already offering integrations with the top payment gateways in the marketing i.e. PayPal, Stripe, Square etc. Now, considering the fact there are still many regions where not even these payment gateways can help make transactions, SubscritpionFlow offers integrations with payment gateways like Paystack.

Paystack facilitates payment processing in the African region. However, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree etc. are not offering services in the African region. Other than that there are many countries and regions where many payment gateways fail to offer services. So, there are their local payment gateways. SubscriptionFlow has taken this initiative to offer integrations with such payment gateways so that the users will be able to complete transactions not only locally but globally.

3. eCommerce Plugins

eCommerce businesses move in a highly competitive market. Every day, new companies register and new businesses enter the market. In order to compete, maintain your position, and make sustainable growth, one needs the best tech stack. SubscriptionFlow facilitates eCommerce retailers by offering a range of integrations.

One of the most recent and amazing plugins that SubscriptionFlow offers is the WooCommerce plugin. With the help of WooCommerce, a robust e-commerce plugin for WordPress, users can easily develop and manage online stores. It provides smooth product administration with an easy-to-use interface that makes adding, editing, and organising products simple. With support for many payment methods, the plugin’s customisable and secure shopping cart system ensures a seamless checkout experience. WooCommerce gives store owners the ability to personalise their online buying experience with a variety of shipping options and tax setups.

There are many features enhancements and add-ons introduced and launched by SbscriptionFlow in 2023. Here, we are going to stop to discuss SubscriptionFlow’s vision for the coming year, however, you can find details of our integrations, payment gateways, and developments on the following links:

SubscriptionFlow-Payment Gateway Integrations

SubscriptionFlow-Third-Party Software Integrations

SubscriptionFlow Vision 2024

In 2024, SubscriptionFlow envisions pioneering the next evolution in subscription management by becoming the unparalleled industry leader in innovative, user-centric solutions.

SubscriptionFlow is made more flexible and scalable so that it can easily become part of your business plans to make sustainable growth in the coming year. Our vision for 2024 is to enable businesses to prosper in the subscription economy by offering them a solution that is user-friendly, flexible, and sets new benchmarks for subscription management software worldwide. It goes beyond only offering a service.

Our experts have been active throughout the year to monitor the subscription business economy, and they have planned to take users with them on a journey to experience excellence and maximum increase in recurring revenue.

So, if you want to plan your future with us, then contact our experts now!