The Attain & Retain Strategy for You—Membership Engagement to Boost Retention

Customer satisfaction and the best customer experience is the key to the success of any business. The same goes for gyms and fitness clubs’ membership management. If members are satisfied, they will keep coming. However, modern gyming is not easy. In a gym or fitness centre, there is so much advanced equipment that the members are asked to use to bring their bodies in the desired shapes. However, no one can use all this equipment. Also, people lack the persistence to continue gyming.

So, here we are to share with you why people leave gym memberships, and what should be gym membership retention strategy you need to opt for.

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Why Members Cancel

Before moving towards retention tactics, you must know why your members are leaving. Though there can be various reasons for that including the following major ones:

  • Bad customer experience: you need to be all cooperative with all members. Misuse of a gym instrument cannot only affect the equipment but also the customer experience in which case the subscription cancellation is evident.
  • Lack of customer education: when gym members do not know how to use the equipment that you have, they cannot enjoy their gymming experience and cancel subscriptions.
  • Gym charges: prices need to be improvised with time, however, the new price is not acceptable for all gym members so they simply leave (statistics also reveal that almost 45-50% of people leave because they cannot afford the cost of the gym).

There are can be a lot more reasons for the cancellation of the subscriptions. And you need to identify all of them so that they can be overcome.

Make Members Realize Their Investments

For gym member retention, you need to make your members realize they have invested money and time for benefits not only in the near future but also in the long term as well. And to make your members realize this fact, you need to keep them motivated. You can segregate your members into groups and classes. And manage these classes and groups from the same platforms that you are using for billing and payment processing. When your members are segregated like this, it will be a lot easier to manage these members.

You can also work on building the communities in your gym so that the membership retention rate can be increased. And not only do the members need to track their progress, but the instructors you hire also need to be equally motivated to help gym members achieve their fitness goals. It will help you retain your gym members. Gymming in groups and communities keep people more motivated. So, it is an investment, and keep reminding your gym members of that.

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Engage Cold Customers

In SaaS businesses, many companies schedule a demo or use free trials, but they do not come towards conversion (paid subscriptions). So, SaaS businesses strategize to convert such people that show interest in SaaS companies. If you are also offering some lucrative things to attract more gym members who are not coming on board, then you need to make some strategy to bring these cold customers to life.

Also, identify the members who are not recently been active. Contact these inactive gym members, and identify the causes of their inactivity. Encourage these gym members to come back. Increase their activity and visits to the gym. And the people that used to be active, and you were on the verge of converting them, however, the activity suddenly fell, and you need these customers back.

Increase Online & Social Media Interactions

Though gymming is all about equipment and doing something practical, however, everyone needs to market products and services. and when it comes to the marketing of gyms and fitness centres memberships, you need to increase social media sharing and engagement. Make sure the conversations on social media platforms are two-way.

If there are wanna-be members, answer their questions and communicate with them effectively. This increase in engagement will boost the conversion rate as well. Answer the queries being asked on social media, share video content and motivational videos, and be more conversant with your targeted community. It will improve not only the conversion but the retention rate as well.

SubscriptionFlow can help gyms and fitness centres to increase their conversion rate and community building because now, the users can monitor the data of all members as well. When you improve the data monitoring in your gyms and fitness centres, the chances of conversions are high because you know the leads and customers that need to be your focus.

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