Want to have Happy Customers? If So, Get Subscription Software for Your Marketing Agency

Can you imagine the sales and reputation of some of your favorite brands without their advertisement and marketing? Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft need marketing notwithstanding their software is the need of modern times. Their marketing teams get active as soon as their new products are ready for launch. So, marketing of every product and service is necessary. The platforms of print media, electronic media, and social media are used for this purpose. Many marketing agencies are working day and night to make their clients happy.

“Don’t make customers happy. Make happy customers.”

The process to make happy customers is not easy. However, subscription software for marketing agencies are making it possible. Many businesses are opting for recurring billing options but there has to be proper planning to make this profitable for your marketing company. As a marketing strategist, you must follow the subscription route to compete in the market. Firstly, know the reasons that are so convincing to finally make you shift to recurring billing.

Challenging Client Acquisition and Retention

The first thing that marketing agencies care for is the acquisition of the client. Even if they succeed in getting a big client to market its product or service, there remains an uncertainty. Some marketing projects are too big that marketing firms hire new employees for that specific project. It is a fact that acquiring a new client is difficult. You will probably have to offer comparatively cheaper rates to acquire a client. Howbeit, the old clients trust you more. So, they are willing to pay more because they know you serve their marketing needs. The subscription software for marketing firms enables you to have a high client retention rate.

Varying Revenue

If you are running a marketing firm, you will better know you cannot charge all your clients the same price. The scope and nature of every marketing project vary. Clients usually ask for estimates for their marketing plan. No one can predict the expense of the job accurately. Consequently, the revenue that a marketing agency can generate remains unpredictable. Throughout the project, things are unpredictable for both the client and the marketing firm.

There has to be a billing plan that suits the client and marketing agency. Which is subscription billing. SubscriptionFlow offers its subscription management platform to marketers. It is your chance to bill your marketing clients efficiently.

Inefficiency of Employees

As it has been discussed, some marketing jobs are massive and companies need to hire new employees. Nonetheless, these new employees are not loyal because they know they have to leave once the project completes. The billing system based on the project is harmful for client retention as well as for employee loyalty. Those who are hired just for the completion of a specific marketing client remain inefficient. They know they have to leave no matter if they outperform.

Mentioned above are the reasons that urged marketers to shift to the recurring billing system. The subscriptions somewhat streamlined the billing methods for marketers. Still, they now required management software for the subscription of their clients.

The subscription management platform of SubscriptionFlow will offer the following benefits to your marketing firm.

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Increase in Profits

As a marketing strategist, when you shift from project-based billing to a subscription-based billing model, the system will become more predictable for you. You can plan your pricing policy for a long time and analyze its results. Though a subscription management system automates your recurring billings, it is flexible enough. If you amend your pricing policy from time to time, it can accommodate changes accordingly. The automated system will store the details of your clients and manage them. You can retrieve data of any marketing project as and when required.

More Customer Satisfaction

You would have heard, ‘a happy customer is a repeat customer.’ If you want your marketing clients to hire your marketing agency for their next campaign, make them happy. Subscription billing management improves customer care. The timely communication between your company and the client develops. For example, most of the subscriptions are monthly. The subscription management systems like SubscriptionFLow notify clients beforehand about the end of their subscription and suggest them to re-subscribe.

Fewer Billing Errors

There was a time when humans handled their billing systems manually. Technological advancement revolutionized everything. Computers automated the billing systems. Then different digital billing models came, and one of the effective ones is the subscription billing model. The subscription management reduces the billing errors to the minimum. Even if some client complains, you can track his accounts and bills.

Improve Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a reality that no marketing agency can deny. Whenever you formulate a marketing strategy for any company it is mandatory to make social media marketing part of it. But do you know that you can improve your social media marketing by integrating recurring billing software with your system? Many businesses advertise their subscription boxes. If you offer subscriptions, show the advertisement of your subscription management software on social media and attract more clients. SubscriptionFlow provides you with effective AI-based customer relationship management tools so, you can facilitate your clientele.

Reduction in Churn

When a subscriber cancels the subscription, the cycle of recurring billing ends. Studies show it is better to have the minimum churn. The foremost way of doing that is to offer customer-focused services. Acquisition of client is costlier than retention of the client. A subscription management system enables you to have a better check on your billing plan. A fair billing will help in reducing churn. You will get the equation straight: minimum churn = maximum customer retention.

Understandably, recurring billing is fairy dust that once sprinkled on your system makes it robust and more customer-centric. Subscriptions are a win-win option for both the subscribers and marketers. It improves the financial standing of both. When you make subscriptions part of your marketing plan start with offering freemium and move towards bringing prices in line. Get an easy-to-use subscription management platform and get happy customers.