Automate Shopify Subscriptions With SubscriptionFlow

Earn more from your shoppers by offering subscriptions on your eCommerce storefront. Worried about the complexities that come with offering eCommerce subscriptions? SubscriptionFlow’s Shopify subscription app automates every aspect of Shopify subscription management from recurring billing & invoicing to Shopify subscription payments & dunning management. Design your own checkout carts for one-off and recurring purchases, utilize customized billing logic, & offer loyalty points to grow your eCommerce subscribers.

Integrate with multiple payment gateways & enable countless payment methods & currencies to sell globally. Sell in Africa by offering mobile money through integration with PayStack, PayFast and Peach Payments payment gateways that are not supported through direct Shopify integrations.

With portals that show how your customers are doing and analytics that help monitor retention metrics and subscription KPIs, stay ahead of the curve in the fiercely competitive eCommerce industry.

Retain subscribers by offering bonuses and rewards. Identify opportunities for promoting your products to your audiences at crucial points in the buying process. Boost your eCommerce store’s reach and grow your subscriber base through seamless sales, marketing & CRM integrations & leverage event data insights.

Sync your products, subscription orders, and customers between the two platforms to manage and grow your Shopify store. With a complete Shopify subscription solutions toolkit you can unlock eCommerce subscription success!

Expand Customer Base with eCommerce Subscriptions, Bundles and More
SubscriptionFlow integrates with Shopify in a matter of minutes. Simply supply your store name, paste your access credentials and you’re good to go! Start offering subscription bundles, automate Shopify subscription billing and feed your customer, transaction and billing data into your CRM, marketing, accounting & taxation tools to automate reconciliation, proration & tax management, so you can focus on finding new ways to grow your business!

Craft the Ultimate Customer Experience with SubscriptionFlow Shopify Integration

Integrating your Shopify store with SubscriptionFlow simplifies the process of setting up an eCommerce store selling subscription boxes & recurring bundles. Synchronize your customers, orders & products/services as well as Shopify transaction data into SubscriptionFlow for a 360-degree view of your business performance.

Streamline the process of gaining new customers by automating recurring billing, invoicing, Shopify subscription payments & renewals.

Gain analytical reports containing KPIs such as customer retention metrics and churn rates & leverage them for business growth.

Set up custom renewal periods, together with trials, freemiums or offer evergreen flat rates. Import your products from Shopify into SubscriptionFlow and design flexible plans by mixing & matching. Experiment and enjoy high levels of pricing flexibility, designed to cater to every segment of your target market.

If you’re looking for a custom solution to your eCommerce subscription management problems, book a demo today to learn more.


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