Take Care of your Janitorial Services with Subscription Management Software for Cleaning Business

If you are running a cleaning business than you can relate with the struggle behind hiring competent and qualified cleaning staff.  In earlier times, the cleaning businesses used to perform recruiting process and daily assessments manually. That was neither cost effective nor time efficient. Moreover, excess resources were being utilized. But today, the hassle of recruiting is not the same, as there are many commercial subscription management software for cleaning business that have been created to perform the daily cleaning management tasks for cleaning businesses.

If you are running a cleaning service then you have a business to grow, houses and offices to clean and invoices to collect. SaaS Subscription software for cleaning business allows cleaning businesses to get paid on time, every time by automatically charging their customers on a recurring basis. With the help of subscription software for cleaning business, businesses can also charge their customers for one off payments, recurring payments or variable amounts over time. Subscription management software for cleaning business makes the entire process painless and hassle free. Such management softwares have proved to be quite helpful by saving a huge amounts of time and management costs.

Cleaning Services

Following are the features that cleaning business management softwares are providing cleaning companies with:

Get Paid Faster

With cleaning business management software, businesses do not have to wait for the customers to send their payments. Instead businesses can end them an email with a secure link that they can click on to enter their credit or debit card information and pay their invoices immediately. If it’s a recurring invoice, the subscription software for cleaning business will charge them automatically every time they are scheduled to pay.

Manage Customers

With subscription software for cleaning business, the businesses can manage their customers more appropriately through minimalist dashboard. It gives businesses a quick glance at who is paid and up-to-date and who is not. The cleaning business management software assists in exporting all of the information in a spreadsheet at any time. If for some reason the customer’s card is rejected, businesses can send out automatic emails with the help of the subscription software so the customers can update their card themselves. You’ll also be notified and be able to update it for them.

Accept Payments In-the-Field

Cleaning businesses can now have the customers pay their bills through iPhone, iPad, or Android while staying at home or business places. The subscription software for cleaning business provides businesses with payment forms that automatically resize and adjust itself to whatever device the customer may be on.

Accept payments on your business website

Cleaning businesses can now allow the customers to pay through the official business website. Businesses can embed the entire checkout process on their site for the customers so that the customers do not have to experience a long and time consuming process.

Start Immediately

Businesses can start right away with subscription management software for cleaning business. Within few clicks the businesses can accept their first payment. Businesses no do not need to worry about merchant accounts, security, or hiring a programmer either. The cleaning service software for billing takes care of everything that your business always dreamed of.

Reschedule Appointments

The name of the feature itself says it all. With subscription software for cleaning business one can make changes to their existing appointments. One can flexibly reschedule their appointments before the appointment time.

Secure Online Payments

Businesses can now make their online payments safe and secure with subscription software for cleaning business. The software allows customers to make payments at the time of booking for any cleaning service. Though there are multiple payment gateways as well to make online payments easy and hassle free.

With SubscriptionFlow, subscription management software for cleaning business can manage all their payments and invoices within few clicks. We have a powerful software that is easy to use and easier to learn. It is designed especially for businesses who wants to thrive, succeed and grow their customer base. From scheduling to staff management, from customer Management to services, from automation to quoting and from Invoicing to reporting
SubscriptionFlow has covered every aspect in its intuitive customizable dashboard.

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