Leverage Safe and Secure Payment Processing with PayPal

Accept Recurring Payments with PayPal

PayPal has almost 29 million active merchant accounts and 392 million active users, 61 million of which joined in a year.

PayPal conducts transactions amounting to almost $2.5 billion every day and in a whole year, the number of transactions that are conducted using the payment gateway are close to 15.4 billion.

Some of its most prominent clients are eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Netflix, and tens of millions more.

Join one of the 1.6 million companies that are offering PayPal on their web platforms and streamline your payment processing today!

Process payments in over 25 currencies from over 200 countries worldwide by integrating PayPal with SubscriptionFlow.

PayPal is also popular among small-scale merchants, vendors and startups as it offers aggregate accounts that can be approved in just 3 to 5 days to start receiving money into their accounts.

SubscriptionFlow sets up the automatic recurring billing and payment processing through PayPal. It allows a range of customers of the subscription or SaaS merchants to receive PayPal recurring payments from a range of customers using:


SubscriptionFlow Integration with PayPal for Automated Recurring Billing

PayPal integration with SubscriptionFlow allows customers a stellar checkout experience by providing elegant invoices that come with checkout buttons to streamline payment and onboarding.
Integrate PayPal to accept payments globally by charging your customers in the currency they prefer and offering them the privilege to choose the payment method as per their convenience.
SubscriptionFlow gives merchants the flexibility of designing actionable quotes and invoices that can be tailored to include custom checkout options by including preferred payment methods to encourage immediate transactions.

Ensured PCI-DSS Compliance for Recurring Payments with PayPal

Benefits to Integrate PayPal with Subscription Management Software

If you’re a business in need of processing recurring payments from around the world, you need PayPal integrated into your system so that you can synchronize all the transaction details, and customer data, and generate and process invoices.

Moreover, you can also track your transaction histories, and with an AI-based subscription management platform, get smart analytics such as payment patterns, user behaviour, etc.

Ensure Safe and Secure Payment Transactions

For merchants, integrating PayPal means enhanced payment-information security. Though the data goes through the automated subscription management system of SubscriptionFlow, it does not save the customer’s credit card information. PayPal stores user credit cards in a secured vault instead of its servers which means it leaves no room for a data breach.

Unlike other payment gateways, PayPal offers three plans: PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, and PayPal Pro. SubscriptionFlow offers integration with them all. Merchants can choose their preferred payment gateway and can easily integrate it with SubscriptionFlow.

Merchants that offer subscriptions and digital or physical goods that cost less than USD 10 can take advantage of lower PayPal charges with its micropayments feature.

And, for large-volume clients, PayPal also offers attractive discounts. So, don’t wait up and contact us to integrate and process recurring payments with PayPal in SubscriptionFlow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, PayPal doesn’t reflect changes such as abrupt churns and cancellations in your database but with SubscriptionFlow, you can have a 360-degree view of your business’ finances and track each user’s individual activity in real-time as your dashboard reflects the changes they make.

With SubscriptionFlow, not only can you streamline subscription lifecycle operations but you can also use payment gateway integrations like PayPal to accept payments at any time of the day/month/year and update your customer’s subscription plan accordingly.

You can rely on SubscriptionFlow to provide you with proration services while streamlining your entire payment process with gateways like PayPal and several others that you choose to employ.