Flex Your Revenue Muscle with a Gym Billing Software

Do you run a gym, spa, yoga club or any other fitness-centred subscription business? Are you exhausted from the never-ending workout of managing memberships, processing payments and suppressing churn, while trying to beef up your revenue growth and scale up your business?

The “no pain, no gain” strategy works well inside the gym but doesn’t have to apply to the way you manage your business operations. Working smarter not harder allows you to sweat it, only where it really counts!

Gym billing software can sculpt your fitness business by streamlining operations such as membership management, automated billing and invoicing, customizing billing models, proration, smart dunning, email marketing and much more.

How does it all work?

Here at SubscriptionFlow, we’ve got you covered.

gym billing software components

1. Membership Management

A membership management software is designed for ease-of-use. On your customizable admin dashboard, you can easily access different modules including customers, subscriptions, invoices and products etc. With one click you can access your entire customer database. Here, you can add, remove or modify any information and filter through the database dynamically based on countless different criteria such as the date of onboarding, choice of pricing plan, billing renewal date or choice of currency to name just a few. This data can be easily imported from legacy software and exported for data analytics.

2. Customizable Billing Models

Billing management systems for fitness businesses also allow you to work with various billing models. These include, but are not limited to, usage-based or metered billing, flat-fee billing, tiered billing or hybrid models etc. This means you can easily automate billing based on whichever billing model works best for your business. The software also offers entirely flexible pricing strategies such as weekly, monthly or annual billing based on your company’s needs. You may even choose different pricing plans for individuals or organizations; with the latter category further split into tiers, based on the scale of the enterprise. This puts you in complete control of your pricing strategy.

3. Trial Management

You may choose to offer potential leads a free trial to try out your services before signing up. This increases the lifetime value (LTV) of the customers who end up paying for a membership. Your trusty software aide will keep track of your customers’ trials to make sure they are charged at exactly the right time.

4. Automated Billing

Membership-based businesses rely on recurrent billing which can be completely automated from start to finish. You no longer need to worry about human error, delayed or inaccurate charges, missed payments, late invoices and dissatisfied customers. With a pre-authorized payment method supplied during onboarding, you no longer need to babysit the billing process once it’s set up. The result? You never need to worry about missed payments causing involuntary churn or revenue leakage from failing to charge active members of your fitness service. Your members are billed and charged exactly when they expect to with an invoice delivered straight to their mailbox. All this while avoiding an exhausted error-prone accountant working overtime and quickly approaching burnout!

5. Error-free Invoicing

After automating your billing operation, your business will never send out a late invoice. Error-free and on-time invoicing builds trust and dependability in your yoga students who feel like they are getting the service they are paying for! Branding and customization of your invoices further help create a smooth and pleasurable subscription journey for your members that fosters community building and builds pride in your customer base.

6. Smooth Payment Processing

Premium billing software also enables easy processing of online payments by integrating a host of different payment gateways. You can choose the gateway that best suits your needs! This way, the entire payment processing flow is streamlined to maximize customer satisfaction. Once the gateway is programmed to allow payment processing based on the subscribed plan, both your business and your customer can sit back, relax and focus their energies on more important things!

7. Revenue Management

Billing software not only streamlines the entire billing process but also helps in revenue and finance management. When you enter your admin dashboard, you can see all your active subscriptions, net revenue, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and annual recurring revenue (ARR) pre-calculated and neatly lined up on your dashboard. So long manual accounting operations are full of errors and inefficiency.

8. Self-Service Pages

You can also empower your customers with self-service pages to check-in on their subscription lifecycle at any given moment. They may upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime which gives them autonomy and complete control over their purchase. This is guaranteed to create an ideal subscription journey for your gym members. Empowered customers are loyal customers and building a sense of community and trust does wonders for customer retention and churn reduction.

9. Smart Dunning

Smart dunning is a technology that automates the process of collecting overdue payments from customers. Think of this as a form of automated debt collection that uses machine learning algorithms and other forms of artificial intelligence to optimize results. Dunning technology collaborates with your business’s billing and invoicing software to identify overdue accounts and automate email reminders and collection notices.

This technology can also analyze payment history and consumer behaviour to determine the best course of action for collecting the debt, such as sending email reminders, text messages, or even automating phone calls. The goal of this process is to streamline the collection process, reduce the time and effort invested in manual dunning and improve the overall success rate of collecting overdue payments. The result?

Healthy cash flow and a reduced risk of bad debt to your business!

10. Email Marketing

Through integrations with third-party software, your club management software also allows you to automate email renewal notices, as well as, sales-driven email marketing campaigns that may help acquire new clientele.

11. Reports and Analytics

Gym membership management software such as SubscriptionFlow also assists in business analytics by generating both classic or customizable reports according to your business needs! By freely exporting and extracting information from this data you can implement intelligent marketing strategies to promote customer acquisition, improve customer retention by programming artificial serendipity and allow your fitness company to thrive to the fullest extent.

The bottom line is simple: your gym, yoga or spa business has a lot to gain by utilizing a gym billing software and any business in the fitness industry looking to scale up and improve their membership journey is investing in a premium membership management system to boost revenue growth.

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