Real-Time Payment Processing for Better Cashflow & Customer Satisfaction

If you are looking for a perfect tool that can help you get paid from your customers in South Africa without any hiccups, then Walletdoc integration is for you.

The transaction visibility offered by Walletdoc is amazing. Payment is a complete process that demands perfection, especially, in the case of the subscription business market where the customer comes again and again to the same retailer. Here, for perfect payment processing and customer retention, you need a robust payment gateway—Walletdoc.

The next thing that matters the most while choosing the right payment gateway is online payment security. Walletdoc claims to offer PCI compliance and high-level data encryption that otherwise only a bank can offer you.

So, you can be at ease because payments are processed in a secure environment where the chances of fraudulent activities and payment failure become minimum.

While you operate in South Africa, Walletdoc integration can be the best addition to your fintech stack for it will support the following payment methods so that the best payment experience can be offered to your customers:

Offer Your Customers the Best Checkout Experience with Walletdoc Integration

Every point where the customer interacts with your business contributes to the overall customer experience. And online payment processing is the crucial time where it is decided whether the customer will stay on board or leave.

Payment failure is one of the leading causes of involuntary churn, however, integration with an efficient payment gateway like Walletdoc can save you from that.

When subscription management software integrates with Walletdoc, you will get such a combo with which all business processes from billing to payment processing and revenue management can be done seamlessly.

Ensured PCI-DSS Compliance for Recurring Payments with Walletdoc

Benefits to Walletdoc integration with Subscription Management Software

PCI DSS is a set of security standards that are designed to ensure that all companies that accept online payments maintain a secure environment for their customers.

Walletdoc integrated with SubscriptionFlow will enable retailers in South Africa to offer customers PCI DSS compliance so that customers know they are paying through the safest channels.

In South Africa, people prefer Walletdoc because of:

Payment Reconciliation to Maintain Financial Records

When it comes to online payment processing, it is important to maintain finances—bookkeeping. You can do all of this when you have got your hands on SubscriptionFlow Walletdoc integration.

The system will automatically maintain all records of all payments for the entire customer base. The user will be able to track any payment at any time.

The Best Checkout Experience for Your Customers

The integration enables users to securely link their accounts and receive all their payments against bills in one place, eliminating the need for paper bills or logging into multiple accounts to make payments. Users can also set up automatic payments and receive notifications when bills are due. Walletdoc supports payments for a variety of bills, including utilities, insurance, healthcare, and more.

So, here is your chance to maximize the checkout experience for your subscribers in South Africa. For details, schedule a demo and know how to get recurring payments with Walletdoc integration.