Subscription Billing Software for Marketing Companies

If you want to make your marketing strategy work, then try out the billing software for marketing companies—ensure sustainable growth of your subscription-based marketing agency.

How Subscription Billing Increases the Flow of Revenue for Marketing Agencies

Be it traditional or digital marketing—the new-age demands to revive the marketing business and shift it to subscription business models that can help in enjoying the following benefits:

Global Outreach for Digital Marketing Companies

With SubscriptionFlow, digital marketing companies or professional digital marketers and influencers offering a range of social media marketing, search engine marketing, PPC advertising, digital branding, affiliate marketing, and other promotion services across the internet can now target international clients without worrying about the accuracy of billing and payment security because our system is integrated with top payment gateways to ensure online payment security.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, or Snapchat, different companies of various niches require a different platform or a combination for their social media marketing. SubscriptionFlow allows you to manage the recurring billing, payment processing, and auto-management of multiple subscriptions of a customer with a few clicks in a dedicated dashboard only.


Why SubscriptionFlow for Marketing Companies?

Some of the key services where SubscriptionFlow can help digital marketing business flourish include:


Content Marketing

SubscriptionFlow can feasibly assist a subscription-based marketing agency. Here you can plan and execute your inbound marketing strategies, monitor the results, and improvise if required.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a more significant way of personalized marketing to reach into the inboxes. Now, SubscriptionFlow even offers integration with Gmail to send customized emails.


Revenue Management

Just like any other business, marketing companies also need to manage their finances and revenue. Our software for subscription management for marketing agencies offers an integrated solution to manage all financial activities including the streamlining of revenue stream.


Third-Party Software Integrations

Every business has some specific business needs, and we at SubscriptionFlow, make sure that we fulfil all these needs optimally. Our platform for subscription management for marketing companies can integrate with other applications so that you can manage all business activities on the same platform.


SubscriptionFlow Serving the Traditional Marketing Companies

With SubscriptionFlow, traditional marketing tools and strategies can also be managed as a subscription-based business. From display advertising of hoardings, brochures, and flyers to marketing and advertisements in Print, TV, and Radio to branding and outsourced Public Relations, all these services can be priced as subscriptions. SubscriptionFlow gives you a flexible field to gain or retain your customers.

Onboard SubscriptionFlow for Stable Cashflow & Business Growth

Marketing agencies that want to meet their revenue and growth targets need to onboard SubscriptionFlow. We offer business solutions that ensure sustainable growth.