Subscription Management Software for Salons

Revamp your services with subscription management software for salons. Work with SubscriptionFlow to utilize the advanced features of billing software for a salon.

Elevate Productivity with Billing Software for Salon

The management team usually faces issues when it comes to handling multiple clients, their billing, and payment processing every day. Salons usually struggle to keep up with the pace of their daily appointments. But our salon subscription management platform can help you enjoy the following advantages:

Better Customer’s Experience with Subscription Management Software for Salons

Maintaining client relationships with invoicing software for salon management requires little effort. It provides access to detailed client appointment history, booking online payment and personalized notifications are sent through email or text. Client experience is also elevated by the online booking system.

Customer notifications regarding appointments, latest discounts and promotions contribute to establishing a long-term customer relationship. Clients can also add appointments to their phone calendar in seconds. Subscription management software for salon can also send push notifications to your clients. In-app functionality notifies clients regarding requested, confirmed, and cancelled appointments.


Why SubscriptionFlow for Salon?

SubscriptionFlow is the subscription management platform that can help salons in taking their business to the next level. Here is how:


Emails & Notifications

With just a single click, your team can make a call or can send an email to the customer related to each notification. With salon billing software, automated email reminders are sent to your clients for their upcoming appointments. The salon team can set up post-appointment emails.


Activity Dashboard

Keep track of the daily appointment scheduling activities and never miss any bit of it with subscription management software. The activity dashboard designed in the invoicing software will allow salons to display appointment bookings, online bookings, appointment cancellations, and client notifications.


Product and Sales

Subscription management software for salons has built-in point-of-sale functionality to take care of your sales, transactions, invoicing, receipts, taxes and retail product management. The POS of invoicing software for salon management can be fully integrated with the salon scheduling application as well.



Get real-time results in no time with subscription management software for salon. Configure your salon dashboard & keep track of results to access key metrics conveniently. Put a deep sense of sight into the details by running highly customizable reports on your daily sales, online booking, and client retention.


Salon Inventory Management

Find out what is left in your stock and purchase accordingly with salon billing software for salon to improve the productivity of your business. This works especially for businesses that run multiple chains. Now, it is easy to keep track of stocks in multiple salons and spas you operate. You can also handle different stores from one place in real-time.

Cater to More Customers for Your Salon with SubscriptionFlow

If you want more customers for your spa or salon, then you need to satisfy customers. And to satisfy your customers, SubscriptionFlow offers you to manage subscriptions, billing, and payment processing effectively.