Scale Your Publications with Flexible Billing Software for Publishers

Expand readership for your publications with our complete publisher subscription management platform. Whether you’re a seasoned publisher or just starting out, our automated billing software for publishers has everything your business needs to succeed.

All-In-One Publisher Subscriber Management Solution

SubscriptionFlow is a membership management software for publishers of every size. Whether you sell a magazine or a newspaper or sell on behalf of multiple publications, this is a one-stop-solution to meet all your subscription handling & billing needs. Some of the benefits of utilizing a billing software for publishers include:

Tailored for Publishers & Publication Service Providers

Magazines, newspapers & trade publications have all expanded into the realm of digital subscriptions while keeping print alive on the side. SubscriptionFlow is purpose built as a magazine & newspaper subscription management solution that lets you set up highly flexible pricing plans and bundles for both print and digital subscriptions. It streamlines the cumbersome process of billing, invoicing & tracking fulfillment, while printing shipping labels, tracking the performance of different issues & sending out email reminders to your readers to renew their plans.

Endlessly Flexible Pricing & Billing With No Constraints

Newspapers, magazines, journals, trade publications and other print media operate in a competitive pricing landscape. Rigidity in how to price your publications & bill your readers can be catastrophic for your growth & survival. Our publisher subscriber management platform  allows you to set up highly flexible plans, priced the way you like! Sell per issue or offer volume based discounts, create customized plans for suppliers that purchase in bulk or offer student discounts. Opt for varying billing models, but also improvise pricing.


What SubscriptionFlow Can Do For You?

To keep your reader around requires you to provide them with the content they want at a price they can afford. SubscriptionFlow assists countless print media houses & publishers to achieve their customer retention & revenue growth targets, by doing the heavy lifting for them so they can focus on delivering quality publications.


Automate Routine Operations

Our billing software for publishers automates the routine tasks needed to run your publication. Simply create a media product catalog and import your data, then integrate with a payment gateway to collect payments online and let us smooth out the kinks. SubscriptionFlow sets up checkout, creates orders & invoices after successful checkout completion, automatically bills & collects payments, supplies shipping labels & tracks fulfillment.


Personalize Customer Engagement

Personalized customer engagement builds loyalty. Our publishing subscription management system offers email templates, scheduled reminder notifications, and automated emails that keep your customers engaged with your business. It can also identify upsell, cross-sell opportunities & segments readers so you can sell better.


Customer Self Service Portal

Empower customers with the ability to change their terms instead of being lost to changing needs. With SubscriptionFlow’s self service they can upgrade, downgrade, suspend or switch their plans at a moment's notice. The system intelligently upgrades their access & updates their next bill run & you are saved the trouble of keeping track of changing needs.


Improve Reader Retention

SubscriptionFlow lets you suppress involuntary churn with smart dunning strategies & automated failed payment recovery. Our publisher subscriber management platform can also highlight a risk of churn so you can save your reader with coupons, discounts and counter offers.


Membership Management Software for Publishers

SubscriptionFlow is built for small magazines & newspapers, as well as big publishing houses & service providers within the Print Media Industry. This is because our system can scale as your business needs get more complex. For small businesses, we can help you grow by eliminating the friction, billing inaccuracies & involuntary churn caused by legacy systems.

Simplify Collaboration with SubscriptionFlow

Facilitate seamless partnerships between publications and service providers, ensuring smooth transactions and mutual success. Leverage a host of features that help you sell more & grow your reach – for both readers & publications that may be doing business with you.

Our publishing and subscriptions software also caters to parent enterprises handling multiple different publications simultaneously. Create multiple dashboards to track the performance of each publication separately, with more granularity. Create group subscriptions & sell to retailers & distributors that sell to your end consumer.