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Subscription Management Services

What is the purpose of taking the business online and 24/7 when round-the-clock and throughout-the-year sales are not taking the revenue by storm. Be it is an online platform or offline stage, maximize the prospects of revenue ever than before with the subscription-based business model. Subscriptions are now becoming the latest and efficient norm for merchants as well as customers. Statistics suggest that on average the recurring billing vendor grows 30 to 50 percent a year. More than 70% percent online business leaders are certain that the Subscription business models will bring the assurance in forecasting a thriving business revenue even years ahead.

Magento is another E-Commerce platform that facilitates online buying and selling business all over the world. Many subscription businesses are minting their recurring revenues by garnering their customers from this platform. Managing these customers, their orders, recurring payments, billing cycles, maintain data, storing, updating, or segregating information, and others are some of the hectic tasks that take a toll on your business visions if they are not managed smartly and effectively.

To deal with all the complications of maintaining and projecting the recurring billing and managing and organizing the subscriptions and subscribers details, several Subscription Management Software or Subscription Management Extension for Magento is available.

Here the question arises which Subscription Management Software for Magento should be selected that will do all the wonder to let Merchant free of the hassles of tracking recurring billing and managing the subscription when the subscribers want to upgrade, downgrade, postpone, pause, or cancel the subscription automatically.

Managing recurring billing is not enough, today with the insane growth of the E-Commerce industry and the Subscriptions-based business model adaptation across the industry, a Subscription Management Software like SubscriptionFlow powered by Artificial Intelligence is the solution to take subscriptions business year ahead.

How SubscriptionFlow is the Perfect Solution as Subscription Management Software for Magento

Recurring Billing Management

Once the SubscriptionFlow is integrated with the interface of Magento at checkout, it will automatically begin to store payment details of the subscribers for future billing. As per the information provided of the plan, period, payment, billing, and shipping, SubscriptionFlow automate the whole process of recurring billing by generating timely invoice with all the taxes deducted or subsidies given, send it to subscribers email, process payments through the selected gateway, and highlights the real-time growth revenue in the dashboard. To further support the recurring billing business, SubscriptionFlow offers all the payment gateway as per the ease of the customer.

Subscribers Information Management

From personal, professional, and taxation to order, billing, and shipping details, SubscriptionFlow follows a one-time suite of collection of information and create an ultimate profile of the subscriber for all the future recurring billing, correspondence, delivery, and offering discounts and promotions. If the subscriber wants to change any of the details in the information, it immediately incorporates the changes and alters the profile details respectively.

Subscription Orders Management

Once the merchant login into the account, the product tabs show all the details of the single product or multiple products or a personalized combination of products subscription in detail. While storing the information of the subscribers, all the details of the order are automatically saved to manage the possibilities of change in orders.

Never run short of the products selling on Magento. SubscriptionFlow allows you to sync inventory to remain aware of the quantity of the stock ahead of time.

Integration With Other CRMs

As per the requirements or to manage the better customer care, SubscriptionFlow can be integrated with any platform—From ZendDesk, Zoho, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Hubspot, to any other.

Mid-Cycle Subscription Changes Management

For any reason, when the subscriber upgrade, downgrade, pause, or cancel the subscription, SubscriptionFlow automatically adjusts the changes in billing accordingly.

User-Friendly All-Rounder Dashboard

Client/Customer portal makes tracking, confirming, and processing the details easy on both the sides of the Subscriptions Management. The subscribers on its Magento dashboard can track or change the details of the order, payment gateways, subscription plan, or any other. On the other hand, Merchants will be given full-access to witness their flourishing Subscription Business and its super-advanced management in a glimpse.

How AI-Powered SubscriptionFlow Takes Your Subscription Business on Magento to New Heights

Recommends Subscription Plans and Payment Gateways to Customers

SubscriptionFlow offers AI-Based recommendations to the subscribers on their portal to select the best suitable Subscription plan based on their visits and inspection of different pages. Depending upon the pricing of the Subscription Plan, it also recommends choosing the payment gateway that goes well with the recurring billing of the selected Subscription Plan.

Highlight Subscription Business Prospects

SubscriptionFlow has brought a revolution while using Artificial Intelligence Technology in finding and highlighting the business prospects to improve the features of subscriptions at any stage of the sales funnel.

Projects Periodic Revenue Growth By Subscription Plan also By Subscriber

By analyzing the recurring billing, payment details, transactional histories, performance of the thriving Subscription Plans, feedback given by the subscribers, and queries resolved at the end of the resolving the tickets, it can predict daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly growth in numbers minting in your account.

Detect the Risky Customers, Flawed Transaction History, and Poor Performance of Plans

Not only it can predict numbers for you, but it has been also designed to detect the risks, flaws, and chances of loss due to inappropriate transactional history of customers, poor payment gateways, or others. It further mitigates the risk by detecting the poor performing subscription plans or products, so that they can be improved to stay productive for the subscriptions.

With E-Commerce platforms like Magento, online selling made easy with its highly user-friendly features of online selling management. From syncing inventory to managing recurring billing to managing subscriptions and subscribers details, SubscriptionFlow magnifies the e-sales with the prospects of recurring billing with AI-enabled Subscriptions Management.

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