Exploring New Opportunities With Subscription-Based Business Model For Your Courier Company

Courier Industry is one of the leading international businesses. Business letters, Legal notifications, E-Commerce or Online shopping businesses, Parcel Deliveries, Special Days Gifts or Reminders, and many more—Courier Companies are the backbones for many businesses in supporting and strengthening their communications, relations, and revenue. It plays a significant role in running the affairs of the economy of any country. There was the time when the post and parcel industry was known to transport letters, or parcels occasionally, only. With the advancement in technology and the inception of social media, things are altering rapidly for the post and parcel industry. Courier Companies are now, concocting their business strategies along with the varying needs of different industries for sending and receiving documents and goods. With the subscription business model, courier companies are effectively stretching the lifecycle of the corporate customers by providing them access to the personalized courier services as a subscription for a prolonged period. Subsequently, subscriptions allow them to gain customer loyalty and recurring revenue for a definite period.

Like many other small businesses as well as scale-industries, the potential of reliable and secured revenue along with customer dependency forces courier industry to follow the subscription-based business model that has already prioritized the customer retention over the customer acquisition.

Pocket-friendly services, errorless billing, personalized communications along with excellent customer management are the pillars of customer retention in every business model. In a Subscription Business, efficient subscription management can not only hook a customer with the business but also draws the new customers with the identification of business trends and KPIs with the help of intelligent metrics.

SubscriptionFlow as Subscription Management Software for Courier Company is helping the courier companies and other post and parcel ventures to manage their subscriptions and recurring billing cycles with the help of its AI-enabled featured-rich Subscription Management Platform.

Advantages of SubscriptionFlow As Subscription Management Platform

Intelligent Subscription Plans And Pricing Cataloging

SubscriptionFlow AI-enriched intelligence lets you devise the data-driven plans and their pricing effectively so you can remain aware and ahead of your competitors’ secrets to approach to customers and engage them.

Subscribers Information Management

Manage your subscribers’ personal and professional details intelligently and convert the data into useful information with our intelligent AI-fueled tools. SubscriptionFlow equipped you to systematically store all the customer’s information in compliance with privacy. Automation powered by AI is the new-age acceleration. SubscriptionFlow facilitates your customer with the self-service portal or dashboard to update their company address or other information, subscription plans for the courier, or payment information. Any update in their portal automatically updates the information into your courier company’s dedicated subscription management portal.

Monitoring And Tracking

Track AR invoicing, payment processing, changing rates of payment success or failure, or the most challenging subscription issues through the user-friendly client portal Continue to monitor the plans upgrades, downgrades, or even, cancellations or billing statuses of all subscribers or a particular one. It is essential to understand the significance of the frequent changes and their consequences on the recurring revenue so that you can tackle the issues of change in delivery addresses or payment modes ahead of time.

Analytics & Reporting

Get a detailed insight into your company’s subscription business and recurring revenue with a highly efficient and intelligent Billing UI of SubscriptionFlow. The real-time analytics allows you to monitor, measure, and manage the subscription plans efficiency, Monthly or Annual recurring revenue, churn rate, and profit on each subscriber. Get the projections of revenue growth in the future.

Advantages of SubscriptionFlow As Recurring Billing Manager


Cut the extra costs and get rid of all unnecessary hassles. Automate the whole billing operations and management. From the automation of creating, customizing, and sending the invoices to payment processing and receiving payments to tracking AR, handling the proration and smart dunning to recover the revenue, SubscriptionFlow automates and streamlines the whole billing system.

Secure & Instant Payment Processing

SubscriptionFlow lets you integrate dozens of secure payment gateways to facilitate your customers to pay the subscription fee, regularly and as per their convenience. The system automatically charged the subscriber and safely process the online payments to your accounts. The streamlined secure processing all the chances of calculation mistakes or human errors.


Upgrade, downgrade, or cancelation, adjust any changes made in the subscription plans, affecting billing cycle, by the subscriber, instantly and automatically, with SubscriptionFlow. Proration handling ensures the accuracy in the billing and helps you to give the satisfactory experience of billing to the subscriber. With SubscriptionFlow’s automated module, businesses can manage proration with much comfort and ease.


SubscriptionFlow automated module reduces the involuntary churn and helps you recover your valuable revenue and customer. Its smart dunning feature automatically re-tries for the payments as you set the rules until the payment is recovered. The deployment of automatic recovery also saves you from the complexities and stresses of revenue recovery while allowing you to focus on providing better courier and delivery services and plan better subscription options for your customers on both the ends of sending and receiving.

Easy Integrations

SubscriptionFlow is a highly flexible, extensible, and customizable SaaS. It allows you to integrate accounting, sales, marketing, management, or Support third-party applications so you can sync the data and operations and manage the affairs effectively across the board. It can seamlessly be integrated with popular software such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, Xero, MailChimp, ZendDesk, Odoo, or anyone. SubscriptionFlow is an easy, simple, and extensible Subscription Management Software for Delivery Business that lets courier companies and post and parcel services to connect with more business opportunities with better subscription, recurring billing, and customer management.

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Great solution for managing our Business,I took advantage of the Free Trial to really test whether this solution would help our somewhat complex business model, and the flexibility and ease…

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