Organize & Monetize Ambulance Services with Ambulance Membership Management Software

EMS—Emergency Medical Services, often known as First Aid or Paramedics Services is a convoluted system in which many and equally important components are coordinated and provide the patient or victim immediate medical care. One of the most important components of these services is emergency medical transportation, also called Ambulance Services.

Ambulance Services play the most crucial part in case of medical, fire, or any other natural disasters emergencies. With the increasing thickness of populations in urban as well as in rural areas and, subsequently, heavy traffic congestions on the roads, the need and the demands of the ambulance services are swelling every day. In many states, health insurance usually does not cover emergency medical transportation charges. Even, not in many urban areas but remote areas, the EMS subscription services also do not cover the ambulance costs which eventually the subscriber has to bear, separately.

Running and maintaining an ambulance equipped with all the emergency first aid medical care and paramedic staff is a hefty deal. EMS and other Ambulance Services providing the emergency medical transportation along with other paramedics facilities requires an ensured flow of revenue to continue their operations smoothly round-the-clock throughout the year.

To support the business growth and secure the revenue cycle throughout the revenue operations, it is becoming important for the Emergency Medical Services and Ambulance Services to switch and adapt to the model that provides them 24/7/365 the surety of the recurring revenue so the business of saving lives would not disturb, let alone suffer due to any unsophisticated reason of insufficient funds or lack of resources.

With this pricing-model, EMS or Ambulance Services can better allocate their funds towards the enhanced services. The only hassle that needs to resolve is EMS Subscription Management.

And, managing the efficient subscriptions and recurring billing requires only a simple, easy, and flexible EMS Subscription Management Software—SubscriptionFlow.

Automate Subscription Billing For Ambulance Services With SubscriptionFlow

With the skyrocketing costs of the emergency services, it is no longer possible for the healthcare nor the non-profit organizations anywhere in the world to bear all the expenses on their own. The subscription services provide them the relief of designated budgets towards certain extremely significant operations—Emergency Transportation Service. On the other hand, it gives the subscriber the satisfaction to instant access to the emergency transport and paramedics services, specifically, when they have any critically-ill, senior, or physically or mentally challenged member at home. SubscriptionFlow helps the emergency services ambulance services providers to manage their subscriptions and recurring billing to their subscribers along with better customer management and revenue reporting solution at one platform with the flexibility of third-party medical ERPs and other applications integrations.

Intuitive Billing Processing

Cut the extra costs and get rid of all unnecessary hassles. Automate the whole billing operations and management. From the automation of creating, customizing, and sending the invoices to payment processing and receiving payments to tracking AR, handling the proration and smart dunning to recover the revenue, SubscriptionFlow automates and streamlines the whole billing system.

Dunning Management

In the business of saving lives, what really matters is the timely show-up on the emergency scenes. Sometimes, in the non-subscription business as emergency transportation costs are usually not covered by insurance companies so ambulance services have to incur the loss. But in those crucial times, SubscriptionFlow allows services provides as well as the subscribers to remain calm while its smart dunning management ensures the payment recovery with periodic retries as per the rules set.

Pricing Engine and Proration Handling

Not all situations are equally critical and not all subscribers require the most basic or most advanced services. Plan as many subscriptions as it requires in a particular set of people as per their emergency medical services needs with SubscriptionFlow’s AI-powered pricing engine and catalog your services for tiered-subscription.

Allow a subscriber to make changes to their subscription plans as per their need and leave the stresses of customized invoicing with SubscriptionFlow. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancelation—it automates the adjustments in the billing as per the changes made by the subscribers in the plans.

Pricing Engine and Proration Handling

Automating the recurring billing also allows you to take advantage of recurring revenue projections while making the big decisions of investments, subscription plans and pricing change, enhancing the services or network, etc. Monitor and manage the MRR, ARR, or churn rate along with the revenue predictions.

Auto-Manage Subscriptions & Subscribers For Better Customer Care

Self-Service Portal

The self-service portal is not meant to cut the cords. Instead, it beings the innovation in the automation and transparency in the operations. SubscriptionFlow gives emergency transportation services subscribers access to their subscription operations. They can update their personal or financial information, access to the history of the services they had availed, upgrade or downgrade their plans, get invoices and payment status details in their inboxes, and many more. All this information will automatically be synced with the database created at the client portal and Billing UI. Similarly, any update related to the subscriber’s information, paramedics or payment history, or billing in the client’s portal or subscription plans will also be updated into the subscribers’ portals and streamlines billing and subscription management operations all along.

Self-Service Portal

SubscriptionFlow allows storing a privacy-compliant detailed and systematic assortment of subscriber’s details to turn the information into valuable data which can help take data-driven business measures and decisions.

Medical ERP & Other Applications Integrations

EMS or ambulance services play a crucial role while transporting and providing paramedics assistance to the patients on their way to the hospital. Every single and second-to-second development needs to be on the record. SubscriptionFlow is a highly flexible platform that facilitates the easy and customizable integrations of several important third-party medical applications to sync the operations across the board so that a valuable life can be saved.

The Subscription-based business model and the EMS Subscription Management Software are rapidly finding their ways throughout the Emergency Medical and Ambulance Services sector. They provide the certainty of sufficient funds with the recurring revenue along with the instant accessibility to the subscriber in case of uncertain, unexpected, or immediate health, fire, or catastrophic medical emergency.

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