SubscriptionFlow Integration With PayStack: Process Recurring Payments from Africa to Anywhere in the World

  • Subscription Management
  • Recurring Payments
  • Customizable Checkout
  • Advanced Interface
  • Self-Service Portals
  • Third-party Apps Using SSO

Automated Subscription Management

Securely collect recurring payments with PayStack, while optimizing every stage of the subscription lifecycle through SubscriptionFlow. Leverage a range of features and functionality that helps grow your subscribers while improving customer retention.

Secure Recurring PayStack Payments

Automate your PayStack recurring payments. SubscriptionFlow automates proration, billing, invoicing and payment collection via PayStack by tracking the billing cycle. Public checkout pages powered by PayStack allow you to securely keep payment methods on the books for the next charge.

Customized Checkout Experiences

SubscriptionFlow lets you tailor and brand your checkout experiences. From shopping carts to hosted payment pages, from iFrames to standalone payment elements, your options to orchestrate a high conversion checkout are limitless.


Customizable Dashboards

Customize your subscription management dashboard to suit your unique business needs. Enable and disable modules based on what you wish to see at a glance. Get a birds eye view on your business with relevant KPIs and a billing calendar that offers a quick view on paid/unpaid invoices.

Customer Self Service Portals

Increase your customers lifetime value (LTV) by offering customer self service where they can upgrade, downgrade, suspend and renew their subscriptions. SubscriptionFlow automatically updates their plan, prorates their charges and invoices and bills them at the right time.

Paystack Third Party Integrations

Smooth Third Party Integrations

PayStack integrations with third party software, place no limitations on the flexibility of the system. Integrate with SubscriptionFlow as well as countless other third party apps.

Everything Needed to Sell Online in Nigeria, South Africa & Ghana

With our PayStack subscription management platform, maximize your transaction success rate. PayStack is trusted by more than 80,000 businesses particularly in Africa. Making payment processing frictionless, trusted & painless!


Customer Data Tracking

You can track customer data to stay informed of all payments and transactions made. Increase chances of payment recovery and plug revenue leaks that act as obstacles to your growth.


Fraud Detection

PayStack offers both manual and automated systems to detect fraudulent activities making it a trusted way to power your payments in Africa. This minimizes the chances of chargebacks and their related fees.


Analytics & Reporting

Monitor customer data and leverage insights into sales & purchases to strategize growth. With custom reporting you can extract data from SubscriptionFlow and create reports that help you grow.


Businesses of All Sizes

PayStack integration works well for both SMBs and enterprises alike by enabling them to accept payments from across Africa safely and securely in the preferred payment methods of the region.


PayStack Payment Integration for eCommerce

The Shopify PayStack plugin lets eCommerce merchants with Shopify storefronts offer their subscription products and services in Africa. Get paid through the PayStack payment gateway for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or any online store coupled with SubscriptionFlow through seamless transactions. We’re simplifying recurring payments with ease, simplicity, and smoothness. Get ready for a hassle-free experience!

Get the Most Out of PayStack App Integration

If you are looking to collect recurring payments in Africa and are unsure where to start, contact SubscriptionFlow experts today. Manage and grow your subscriptions while collecting recurring payments with PayStack anywhere in Africa.