Why Go for CardConnect Integration?

Accept Recurring Payments with CardConnect

CardConnect offers payment gateway and merchant account services to merchants in the US and Canada. It allows subscription merchants such as SaaS vendors to process credit, debit card transactions and ACH payments.

CardConnect is committed to providing support to SaaS, cloud, and other eCommerce platforms with simple, secure, and integrated payment solutions. As a payment processing platform, it provides various features such as:

For more than 10 years, CardConnect has been providing reliable and high-quality payment solutions protected by their patented, PCI-validated security. It is a great match for all eCommerce sites, mobile apps, SaaS platforms, ERP systems and almost any environment that needs to process payments.


SubscriptionFlow Integration with CardConnect for Automated Recurring Billing

Give your customers a stellar checkout by integrating gateways to process payment methods most preferred by your audience. Don’t lose revenue from a converted customer due to the lack of available methods ever again!

Incorporate several payment methods with multiple gateway integrations to make the buying process seamless. Decrease the likelihood of revenue leakage while automating your billing and transaction processes with your preferred payment gateway integrations.

How CardConnect—Subscription Management Platform Integration Offers Payment Security?

Secure All Payments in CardConnect’s Merchant Account

CardConnect allows subscription businesses to get a merchant account and receive secure card payments directly.

It presents merchants with all the industry-tailored payment security solutions while ensuring to meet all security standards for compliance.

Each transaction processed by CardConnect goes through the highest level of data breach protection to ensure safe transactions at any given time.

Data passes through the additional Level II and Level III layers of security with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization.

CardConnect also offers detailed transactional reporting tools that also provide details for chargebacks, deposits, refunds, and periodic statements.

Recurring Payment Collection with CardConnect SubscriptionFlow Integration

CardConnect integrated with SubscriptionFlow allows automated recurring payments with customizable billing plans. Subscription-based products and plans that are priced differently can be automated. This will induce increased efficiency and improve cash flow by reducing late payments from customers.

To help businesses get better visibility of their recurring payments, this integration also features Account Updater for regular automatic updates to store customer credit cards and prevent invalid, failed or missed payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

CardConnect integration with SubscriptionFlow can streamline all your subscription billing operations, providing you a 360-degree view of your subscription lifecycles, synchronizing all your CardConnect payment transactions with your database.

CardConnect integrated with SubscriptionFlow can easily prorate subscription plans regardless of the onboarding date and the billing plan/cycle you’ve chosen. The proration occurs prior to invoicing and thus, is reflected in your accounting database.