Manage Payment Routing in Accordance with Your Business Scenario

SubscriptionFlow helps you to leverage your business model. If your business requires you to receive money and transfer it to multiple banks or split the payment into several accounts, SubscriptionFlow provides a base for smart payment routing options according to your business’s logic.

Split Inbound Payments, Manage Payment Routing for SaaS with SubscriptionFlow

With SubscriptionFlow, you can concentrate on your business while leaving the burden of payment management to us. With triggers, automatic retries, and geo-specific features of payment routing for SaaS, you can segment and segregate customers and their transactions.

Establish the priority of accounts that are part of the routing scheme. You can also cascade to reduce the effect of any issues with the PSP’s side of your business. For instance, Failure to complete a transaction can be automated and quickly re-tried by a different provider which will save your sales with dynamic routing payments.

Intelligent Payment Routing Worths the Effort

  • Enhance the Success Rate

Routing engines allow retry strategies to handle ‘soft declined’ transactions which can help restore lost sales.

  • Reduce the Cost of Transactions

Give your customer the most cost-effective method to complete each transaction while you save on transactions.

  • Keep Payment Process Efficient

Optimize payment processing based on location, amount size, currency conversion, transaction charges, etc.

Orchestrate Intelligent Payment Routing with Multiple Payment Gateways

Every payment transaction that passes through multiple payment gateways integrated with SubscriptionFlow is immediately reviewed before being routed through the most suitable service based on a range of parameters.

Let Subscriptionflow Decide the Most Efficient Routing for a Particular Transaction

SubscriptionFlow allows you to optimize all payment transactions and provide low-cost payment routing solutions. It allows you to reorganize your flows in the best way using our cost analysis.


Set up Payment Routing

  • Setup triggers and changes for certain conditions
  • Automate P2P routing for transactions
  • Route recurring transactions to the correct provider.


SubscriptionFlow Provides

  • A user-friendly interface
  • One-window systems to process both payments and payouts
  • The capability to design any number of routing
  • A robust toolkit accompanying features to increase your earnings


Convert, Split & Secure

  • Convert funds into your desired currency.
  • Split up large payment transactions.
  • Disable or enable 3DS1 or 3DS2 using relevant parameters.


The Benefits of Routing & Cascading

  • Achieve maximum conversions and revenue rivulets.
  • Cost optimization saves up to 30% or more in costs for payments
  • Risk protection reduce losses due to frauds or payment failures
  • Save transactions by switching vendors