Leading Newspaper Subscription Management Software to Expand Your Audience

Legacy software is damaging your newspapers potential & limiting your audience. Embrace the future of newspaper subscriptions with newspaper subscription management software that enables you to seamlessly manage subscribers, recurring billing & circulation – all in one place!

Explode Your Profit Margins Through the Roof

If you’re still sticking to the traditional ad-revenue model, you have no idea how big a difference an automated newspaper circulation software can make. Let SubscriptionFlow streamline and automate subscription handling workflows, the entire billing process and integrate with an efficient payment gateway to collect online payments. With newspaper subscription management you can also customize your checkout and offer customer self-service portals to enhance your readers journey with your paper. Sit back, relax, and watch your revenue skyrocket.

Don’t worry, the new world may all seem all about digital newspapers, but there is still room for print journalism.

Our newspaper management software can handle both print and digital newspapers through our arsenal of newspaper subscription management software features. All you need to do is set up the exact pricing variations for your newspaper’s digital or print subscription, and we will ensure that both these options work flawlessly well for your business’s end customers.

Integration is key, both vertically and horizontally.

Business is all about buying and selling, giving and taking. In short, business is all about cooperation. We know this, which is why we ensure that not only do we not provide you with robust vertical integrations within your own business (à la you owning the website on which to publish your newspaper’s digital version), but we will also be providing smooth horizontal integrations with payment gateways, and accounting and marketing software like QuickBooks and HubSpot to ensure that every aspect of your newspaper’s subscription management is well taken care of.


Order, Billing, Payments—Run Everything On Autopilot

Manage multiple subscriptions, Newspaper orders, billing and marketing integrations all under one platform. Automate your trade publications’ entire billing and marketing.


Automated Orders, Billing & Payments

Manage all operations of your newspaper effortlessly by automating orders, billing, and payments with SubscriptionFlow. Tailor workflows to streamline operations and enhance efficiency & accuracy in billing and marketing processes.


Easy Import from Legacy Software

Starting out with SubscriptionFlow is easy. Simply upload your customer and billing data in the form of an Excel or CSV file and start managing subscription orders & billing through one adaptable platform. Let us take care of the nitty gritty while you focus on delivering excellent content to your readers.


Recover Failed Payments

Set rules for payment recovery through an automated system when payment failures occur. If your reader’s card declined, instead of calling them and asking for renewal, retry the payment to undo the harms of soft declines. Automate email reminders to encourage customers to update their payment details for hard declines.


Offer Self-Service to Readers

With our self-service portal, give the freedom to your customers to operate and manage their subscriptions independently. Let them change their subscription plan from print and digital to just digital or just print. Allow them to also change the frequency of the issues they receive all without needing to be on hold waiting to talk to you directly.