Revitalize Your Business with Our Credit Repair CRM: Rebuild, Repair, Rise!

SubscriptionFlow offers its CRM features for all those businesses that offer services to improve credit scores.

Offer Your Customers Credit History Repair to Improve Their Creditworthiness

A poor credit score limits financial options for businesses and people. With a poor credit score, one cannot borrow or reach out to investors. Thereby, there are companies that offer automated platforms to repair credit history. Our software for credit repair companies allows to:

Payment Gateway Integrations for Credit Repair Companies

A credit repair company cannot operate without a payment gateway integration. To streamline the flow of payments in the account, payment gateways are needed. However, one of the top payment gateways that can be the best fit for credit repair companies is NMI. The good news is we offer you to get NMI integrated with credit repair software for business.

With SubscriptionFlow, you will be able to give wings to your credit repair company because our CRM will automate all business processing for you. Also, NMI integration will maintain the flow of recurring revenue. If you opt for SubscriptionFlow CRM, you can be a market leader in the credit repair market.


Why SubscriptionFlow as Your Credit Repair CRM?

SubscriptionFlow boosts the performance of credit repair companies by automating all activities of the business. With our CRM for credit repair, you will get:


Complete CRM Functionalities

Our system offers all the CRM functionalities that a credit repair company needs. From client management to dispute management, you can handle all credit repair business activities here.


Customer Tracking

The automated system will help you track all disputes, credit bureau reports, and communication of a customer so that you have better visibility of the credit history of your customer and resolve issues.


Document Creation & PDF Generation

Our software for credit repair will allow your company to not only track the credit history but also generate relevant documents and get dispute letters in PDF form to challenge inaccurate information on the credit report of a customer.


Customer Retention

When you opt for a credit repair CRM, things are more manageable. You will be able to speedily improve the credit score of your customers. So, customers will also want to stay on board to maintain their credit histories and credit scores.


A Business Solution for Credit Repair Companies That Fulfil Their Needs

Credit repair companies deal with a diverse customer base. So, only one software or application is not sufficient to fulfil their needs. SubscriptionFlow is a credit repair CRM that easily integrates with other applications.

Even if you need to have other software, our system is flexible enough to integrate with applications and payment gateways. If you run a credit repair company, then it is high time to fuel the performance of your business with an automated system, and for that, schedule a demo with the SubscriptionFlow team.