Chargebee Alternative

Looking for the Chargebee alternative? Well, you have landed in the right place. More flexibility, highly customizable, and much more!


SubscriptionFlow Has An Edge Over Chargebee

and here are the reasons as to why:

Personal Subscription

SubscriptionFlow offers personalized subscription for your end customers so they can create subscriptions the way they intend. It will allow a business to serve every segment of the customer.

Multiple Dashboard

In addition to the basic default dashboard, SubscriptionFlow also allows its customers to create and manage a custom view of their homepage to analyze the consolidated functions of the account. Multiple dashboards can be created.

Custom Workflows

Create custom business logic or workflow as you draw revenue. Using this logic, you may create and execute custom playbooks for sales and success teams, automated marketing and promotion campaigns, email communications, etc.

AI-based Retention

Get the product usage, billing, intent, and support insights in your SubscriptionFlow system. Tag and send them to your integrated CRM for further actions or create the playbooks within SubscriptionFlow and execute the data-driven actions.

Account Expansion

SubscriptionFlow employs account expansion and customer retention strategies to keep the customer in the business loop. With result-driven retention strategies, the churn rate can be reduced to 40% and revenue can be maximised to 10X.

Custom Reporting

SubscriptionFlow lets you generate various reports and summaries such as test customer reports, payment methods reports, and much more for any data point. You and your team have access to the health summary of business anytime.

Why should you choose: SubscriptionFlow vs Chargebee?

Scale your business to new altitudes!

Ease of Setup
Quality of Support
Billing Automation
Churn Reduction
Custom Workflows Automation
Custom Objects
Module Customization on Checkout Pages
Up-Sell & Cross-Sell
Custom Schedulers to Perform Scheduled Actions
Additional Data in HPPs
Portal Manager Configuration
White Labelling/Branding
Insights For Activation
Multi-Organization Setup
Comprehensive Reporting
Dashboard Customization
Account Hierarchy Manegment
Personalized Subscription
Role-Level Access

We Have The Integrations You Need!