Vault is an art and culture magazine in Australia, that brings distinguished people on board to create a visually rich magazine that can be subscribed to as yearly and bi-yearly subscription plans for one-time, and regular magazine subscribers.

Vault magazine is an Australian art and culture magazine that brings visually rich and informative content onboard by curating preeminent designers, collectors, and artists. Along with this, they also curate architecture and food.

They are providing services in three regions and offer two types of magazine subscriptions print, digital, and both. To manage Vault issues, multiple types of subscriptions, and payment collection they needed a robust system, customized to support their online transaction.

Print & Media Industry

5-10 Employees

Located in Australia

Vault Customer Success Journey

The Challenges

Vault magazine offers print and digital access to its quarterly magazines. It was difficult for the Vault Editorial team to manage different subscription packages, and ensure the digital copy of Vault magazine is sent to the subscribers timely. In addition to these, Vault magazine faced many other problems associated with payment, email automation, etc. And the SubscriptionFlow team helped them overcome them.

The Vault was started to curate content of preeminent designers, collectors, fashion enthusiasts, and architecture, etc. In a matter of a few years, they gain prominence and expand their services outside Australia. To engage a wide range of customers they are offering 4 types of magazine subscriptions i.e. 1 year 4 issue and 2 years 8 issue with one-time subscription and recurring subscription, both for print and digital versions of its magazine.

This was making the magazine’s issue, subscribers’ subscription, and despatch of print and digital versions difficult. To manage these, they needed a system that efficiently manages Vault’s issue and sends the update to the subscribers. Along with this, they needed a payment gateway to collect fees automatically.


Following are the requirements that the team SubscriptioFlow extracted from all the meetings conducted with Vault magazine

Managing customer churn and unpaid invoices sometimes become a bottleneck for businesses, and the team of Vault magazine was facing the same issue.


The Vault management team reached out to the expert at SubscriptionFlow to get a customized subscription management solution with a payment gateway integration and two separate issue management dashboards. Along with this, SubscriptionFlow provided them with the following solution:

Along with these three solutions, the SubscriptionFlow team also provided them with other solutions including multiple workflow automation for invoice generation and information update, new subscription created notification, and auto-charge subscriber upon issuing the invoice.



The first thing that SubscriptionFlow provided the Vault Magazine was a customized Subscription Management module for both the Vault team and the customers. This allows the editorial team to keep track of the active issues. Using the customer module, the team can view all active issues they have subscribed to.

It also helps the Vault editorial team in keeping efficient and tracking the issue status subscriber-by-subscriber. The Vault module offers a comprehensive overview of the issue created by the Vault including the information about issues assign history. Along with this, they can add notes for each issue and keep things updated. The customer module allows the editorial board to keep track of issues that are sent and failed to send.

Using this information, the editorial team can either manually send the issue or schedule the issue to be sent once the information on an invoice payment is updated. Lastly, SubscriptionFlow integrated the payment gateway into the subscription management system, this eases the payment collection issue for the Vault subscriber. In addition to this, SubscriptionFlow also implemented customized email templates, with a workflow. It reduced the manual efforts of the management team to track an issue shipping, email follow-up, update subscriber information, etc.

Looking Forward

To fulfil the subscription management, billing, payment, and subscribers data from import to exports, SubscriptionFlow used all resources available and rendered a system that offered custom modules of issue management for Vault editorial and customer modules. Moreover, to strengthen the subscriber relationships and reduce churn, SubcriptionFlow offered email automation and automatic payment deduction features.

While implementing the custom modules, SubscriptionFlow Team conducted regular meetings with Vault administrative to ensure the system is fully optimized to match their needs. Along with this, we offer training and support to them to ensure smooth implementation and usage of the SubscriptionFlow system.