Triniteq's POS Management with SubscriptionFlow

Since implementing SubscriptionFlow, Trinitq has observed swifter transactions, increased customer satisfaction, and more seamless subscription management.



Unlocking Success for Various Subscription Businesses. Discover Why SubscriptionFlow is the Trusted Partner.

Triniteq is a B2B SaaS platform specializing in providing Point of Sale (POS) systems, with a particular focus on catering to businesses in the hospitality industry. Their objective is to assist cafes, stores, and restaurants in optimizing both customer experience and revenue.

Having been founded in 1997, Triniteq played a pioneering role in promoting the widespread use of handheld ordering devices worldwide, thereby setting a significant industry standard. However, over time, Triniteq faced challenges in establishing its presence among SaaS POS retailers.

The Challenges

The customer experience equation encompasses a range of variables, including brand reputation, customer retention
rate, as well as the business’s bottom line and growth potential. To elevate the checkout experience, enhancements
must be made on all of these fronts.

In addition to the imperative for improving the customer experience, Triniteq encountered
the following challenges:

The Solution

Upon reaching out to SubscriptionFlow, Triniteq engaged in extensive discussions and meetings with our team of experts to ultimately design a tailored subscription management solution for their business.

Triniteq now leverages the following features of the SubscriptionFlow platform:

With an inclusive range of subscription features and seamless integrations with various platforms and
applications, Triniteq now enjoys an ultimate solution that continuously propels their business towards


In our collaborative partnership with Triniteq, we embarked on a journey to elevate their POS offerings by incorporating our self-service portal, integrations, and automated subscription management solutions. This implementation has not only streamlined their operations but also heightened the level of customer experience, enabling Triniteq to concentrate on their core strength: delivering exceptional point-of-sale solutions.

Looking Forward

The SubscriptionFlow team remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth as Triniteq’s trusted technological partner. Together, we envision a future where our collaboration continues to empower Triniteq with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring its leadership in the POS market. We hold a resolute dedication to quality and are optimistic about the boundless possibilities that await us.