Salis is a Saudia Arabia-based company that offers an array of services. Salis is also a renowned name as
an online marketplace that connects customers to the household, maintenance and repair, and other
services providers i.e. cleaning, pet care, AC installation, etc., and collects payment through COD and
Salis is connecting customers with services providers all over Saudi Arabia, through their platform. They
offer multiple products ranging from digital marketing to varied verticles with a one-time subscription
plan and with two types of payment collection methods, first is Cash-on-Delivery with applicable VAT.
Salis commissioned subscribers with a fixed Salis commission of 4 SAR.

Operates in Services Industry

11-50 Employees

Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Salis Customer Success Journey

The Challenges

To manage the subscriptions, Salis was keeping manual records of customers and service providers separately. This was preventing Salis from scaling the business and simultaneously preventing employees from generating frequent invoices accurately and regularly.

They reached out to the team SubscriptionFlow to get customized solutions for the following challenges:

In addition to the challenges that we have mentioned above, Salis faced many challenges associated with charging the clients with the right tax, i.e. customers who pay for a credit card should be subjected to VAT of 15% exclusive only on applicable ones, and customers who paid with cash-on-delivery should be charged an additional 4 SAR, fixed every month.


Salis sought SubscriptionFlow assistance to manage the recurring billing and payments for its services-based marketplace venture. Following are some other requirements that Salis wanted to be implemented in the form of an automated system:

To fulfil the unique requirement asked by Salis, SubscriptionFlow implemented the custom modifications in the code and provided them with a customized system to import data, and generate invoices based on the CSV, and in the regional language.


In addition to all the automated subscription management features and our professional services, Team SubcriptionFlow has also provided Salis with the following solutions:

Besides the above-mentioned solutions, the SubscriptionFlow team also offered them email template customization and module, products with plans modules, and currency modification.



To incorporate all requirements asked by the Salis team, SubscriptionFlow customized the modules offered by the subscription management system. The first module customization offered by the SubscriptionFlow was the customer and services providers’ data import module from the CSV files. Since they were keeping a manual record of two separate CSVs, SubscriptFlow followed the same pattern while offering customization.

Another customization in the SubscriptionFlow system was made in code modification. This modification allows the Salis to send a customized email with preferred language, customer information, and provider details, automatically upon the weekly import of data. Besides, the invoice was automated to generate on the asked time and date by the Salis.

Lastly, Salis was offering two types of subscriptions with varied tax deduction methods to commissioned and Cash-On-Delivery customers. For this, we provided them with workflow automation that automatically fetches data from the CSV file uploaded by the Salis and generates customer and provider invoices with taxes.

Looking Forward

Salis reached out to Team SubscriptionFlow to get the subscription management, invoicing, billing, and payment collection solutions. To ensure the system run smoothly and was successfully implemented, we provided them with comprehensive support and training. Now they are efficiently managing the subscriber and provider information while SubscriptionFlow is taking care of the back-end to ensure everything remains smooth.