Kamp Solutions is a magazine hosted by Jurriaan Kamp, a solution journalist focusing on sustainability. It
curates top stories of entrepreneurs and pioneers that explore the ways to fast-track solutions for
people and the planet.
Kamp Solutions is a magazine that aims to resolve and fast track global development process. For this
very reason, Jurriaan Kamp, a solution journalist started a magazine that focuses on covering stories of
solution pioneers and entrepreneurs associated with the development in their print and digital
magazine. It offers three types of subscription plans e.g. print with shipping, digital, and gift options.

Print Media Industry

10-15 Employees

Located in Santa Barbara, CA

Kamp Solutions Customer Success Journey

The Challenges

Kamp Solutions had many challenges besides subscription management, and team SubscriptionFlow helped them overcome these difficulties.

Kamp Solutions interviews the global community of entrepreneurs, pioneers, executives, and technological experts seeking a solution to the pressing global challenges of sustainability. It needed a solution that caters to the growing number of magazine subscriptions, shipping of printed magazines, recurring billing and payments of hundreds of subscribers, and lead management.


Kamp Solutions had to shift its system from Squarespace to SubscriptionFlow. Our team of experts had to work on the following requirements to offer them a working business solution:

Kamp Solutions needed a solution that not only helps in managing subscriptions for the digital and print versions of its magazine but also simultaneously assists the Kamp Solutions team with efficient and timely shipping of printed versions and collecting payment.


People from Kamp Solutions reached out to the team of experts at SubscriptionFlow seeking solutions to their overwhelming subscriber management. After a series of interviews and sessions, Team SubscriptionFlow offers the following solutions.

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, SubscriptionFlow provided Kamp Solutions with many other solutions associated with the push-marketing, lead generation workflow, data import & export, and payment collection from SubscriptionFlow hosted payment pages.



SubscriptionFlow has completed and implemented the requirements of Kamp Solutions. It offers Kamp Solution comprehensive services from lead generation and subscription management to print version shipping and payment collection. Their readers can effortlessly select the magazine version they need and create a subscription.

Another solution that Kamp Solution sought was automatic lead capturing, sorting, and allocation. For this, SubscriptionFlow offered them the hosted lead page that empowered their marketing. Since Kamp Solutions is offering two types of subscriptions i.e. subscriptions for print magazine and digital magazines. Magazine shipping is a critical part of print magazine subscription management. Tracking the dispatch process was difficult for their team.

SubscriptionFlow helped them smoothen the shipping process by offering customized and ready-to-use shipping reports. It contains all the essential information that Kamp Solutions required about its subscribers.

Looking Forward

By using all resources available at SubscriptionFlow, we have fulfilled all requirements stated by the Kamp Solutions teams and rendered a system that efficiently manages their subscription, keeps track of new lead, and efficiently collect payments from subscribers. Also, they are efficiently utilizing email templates provided by SubscriptionFlow to optimize their inbound marketing strategy. To keep everything agile, the SubscriptionFlow team conducted periodic meetings to ensure the system caters to every need in a highly customized way.