iCanMandarin is a New York-based Chinese language institute that offers the best Mandarin learning experience in an after-school or weekend setting, providing an engaging and innovative Mandarin learning experience to students worldwide. The team has decades of experience in curriculum development and classroom instruction—led by leading experts in Chinese language education in the US.

Educational Institute

11-50 Employees

New York City

iCanMandarin Customer Success Journey

The Challenges

Segregating students into different classes based on kids’ age.

Moreover, iCanMandarin wanted a flawless system to manage subscriptions for Chinese classes that were required to run the business seamlessly.

iCanMandarin caters to learners all over the world who want to learn the Chinese language. Being an educational institution, keeping the track of students’ attendance is pivotal. Moreover, they need a tech-savvy system that could manage subscriptions seamlessly.


iCanMandarin is an educational institute catering to students from worldwide. For an automated system, the requirements given to SubscriptionFlow were:

SubscriptionFlow’s Hosted Payment Pages, recurring billing management, and flexibility brought iCanMandarin to SubscriptionFlow.


iCanMandarin reached out to the team of experts at SubscriptionFlow. There were many sessions among the experts from both sides. Finally, the team SubscriptionFlow came up with feasible solutions to automate the subscription-based business of iCanMandarin.

There are many other functionalities that SubscriptionFlow provides. Most of the subscription management and handling along with the customer relation is managed by SubscriptionFlow which is an integral part of an educational institution.



SubscriptionFlow successfully fulfills the business requirements of iCanMandarain. Our platform manages iCanMandarain B2B billing, payment processing, and student management services. Their student subscription billing management is done using the robust SubscriptionFlow online platform. The subscription plans that they offer on their website are linked with the hosted payment pages of SubscripinFlow.

The process of recurring payment processing for the recurring charges of Chinese courses is dealt with on these hosted payment pages. Moreover, iCanMandrain can use the SubsciptionFlow platform to manage the daily attendance of different students in different classes.

Emails are sent to the parents for subscription renewals as the expiry date comes close. The software helps them communicate with parents (who have subscribed for Chinese courses for their kids) timely and effectively. iCanMandarain uses the feature of reports from the platform of SubscriptionFlow to get useful business insights.

Looking Forward

SubscriptionFlow has used its resources to fulfill the business requirements of iCanMandarin. Today, they are running their business proficiently. Team SubscriptionFlow expects to further strengthen its relationship with iCanMandarin. Professionals conduct weekly meetings with the iCanMandarin team to resolve queries if they have any. The prospects are discussed in these meetings to keep the client abreast of the modern trends in the subscription business market.