Eimmie is the toy-creating company that upholds the mission that kids should play but play with purpose, and their learning should not be compromised. They not only create toys but also offer varying subscription plans for these toys. Eimmie offers dolls, doll accessories and extras, doll furniture, and doll clothing. By getting Eimmie subscriptions, the customer becomes part of the Eimmie Customer Club.

Eimmie targets to improve the imagination of kids because young minds make memories with time. And it is important to help kids have such memories that last long. Eimmie also gives the option to its customers to gift subscriptions of toys on birthdays, New Year, or any other special occasion.

Eimmie needed subscription management software that can help them manage the subscription of toys and gift subscriptions (as they claim to be GIFTING EXPERT) as well.

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The Challenges

Automation of the subscription business model is in itself a challenge. However, the following are some bottlenecks that the SubscriptionFlow team successfully overcame to offer a business solution to Eimmie:


The foundation of a failsafe subscription management business solution is to understand and jot down the requirements properly. So, after conducting various meetings with Eimmie the following requirements were identified:


Eimmie is a part of the eCommerce market and sells subscriptions for toys. They also give option to their clients to offer gift toy subscriptions and get these gifts managed through SubscriptionFlow. Here are the solutions provided to Eimmie:



The business process of Eimmie runs in a way that the subscription management is handled from the SubscriptionFlow. And when subscription plans are selected by the Eimmie customers, they are processed and managed from SubscriptionFlow subscription management platform. Then the request is sent to Shopify to complete the order placed by the end customer. So, a well-integrated system works to process the subscription cycle.

The data regarding each and every order of the toy subscription is also managed through the subscription handling software to avoid discrepancies in this complex workflow when the order is placed and managed through a subscription management software and dispatched through Shopify.

Looking Forward

Eimmie is satisfactorily running its subscription management through SubscriptionFlow. Even they have other retail platforms from where they sell. They are planning to get them all managed from the effective platform of SubscriptionFlow. For instance, if Eimmie is the parent company, Orange Onion is its child which is also a retail platform. They want to manage it as well from SubscriptionFlow. So, Eimmie is expanding its business, and SubscriptionFlow is going to be part of its plans.