How Buildagil Achieved Workflow Perfection with SubscriptionFlow

Buildagil has not only bid farewell to conventional business practices but also has a multitude of initiatives in progress with SubscriptionFlow, aimed at significantly augmenting the operational efficiency of the company.



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Buildagil provides its clientele with an application designed for the effective oversight and management of construction projects. The company asserts its proficiency in integrating methodology, technology, and practical application to address team management challenges. Buildagil stands as a distinguished player in the B3 sector, being a firmly established venture overseen directly by its proprietors. It maintains a specialized focus on providing engineering, consulting, and technological services within the construction domain.

At present, a cohesive team of around 70 committed professionals personifies the company’s strong emphasis on teamwork and its forward-thinking outlook.

The Challenges

The Buildagil team sought to accelerate their revenue generation. However, constructing this technical infrastructure
independently proved to be both resource-intensive and time-consuming.

The Solution

In their quest for scalable and efficient solutions, the Buildagil team decided to collaborate with SubscriptionFlow.

Here’s how Buildagil transformed its billing and payment processing operations:

SubscriptionFlow has empowered Buildagil to dispatch invoices promptly, ensuring seamless billing for their customers.
All in all, the satisfaction derived from our product and services has prompted Buildagil to continue its future plans with us.


SubscriptionFlow is designed with a high degree of flexibility, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with any system, software, or platform. Consequently, the integration process for Buildagil was relatively swift.

We commenced the process by conducting a thorough assessment of their distinctive business requisites and tailoring SubscriptionFlow’s SaaS platform to harmonize with their specific needs. Through effective training and onboarding procedures, we ensured a seamless transition for their team. Despite encountering some initial hurdles with data migration, our committed support team promptly resolved these issues, ensuring the project stayed on course. Presently, Buildagil’s subscriptions and billing processes are effortlessly managed within the SubscriptionFlow platform.

Looking Forward

To enhance the efficiency of their business operations, many companies find it beneficial to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Buildagil recognized this need early on and engaged with our team to establish an integrated system that catered to their CRM requirements. Previously, Buildagil managed its quote-to-cash (Q2C) process manually, but SubscriptionFlow streamlined this process through automation. Additionally, our platform seamlessly integrates with e-signature applications, facilitating the swift execution of agreements and deals. Discussions are underway between SubscriptionFlow and Buildagil to automate the Q2C process for the latter.

As time progresses, Buildagil is making significant strides in scaling its business, and SubscriptionFlow serves as a partner in achieving new milestones by enhancing its technological infrastructure.