AllData United is a wireless internet provider in both residential and commercial areas. They aim at providing their customers with high-speed 4G data without any disconnectivity.

AllData United has different plans that customers can subscribe to. They needed a subscription management system to manage and bill customers accurately for these data plans.

SubscriptionFlow provided them with a business solution to manage data plan subscriptions and recurring payment processing against these subscription plans.

Operates in Telecommunication Industry

Medium-Sized Company

Located in New York, NY United States

AllData United Customer Success Journey

The Challenges

While working on the requirements of the AllData United team SubscriptionFlow had to beat the following challenges:

AllData United wanted not only the management of data plans but also ACH compliance for online transactions. Also, AllData United facilitates customers to suspend subscriptions whenever they need to but a reactivation fee is charged when subscriptions are reactivated. AllData United needed relevant welcome emails for paid (who pay for subscriptions right away) and unpaid (who have onboarded but not yet paid the subscription fee) subscribers. It is taxing to fulfil these miscellaneous requirements of customers.


After continuous meetings with AllData United, the experts of SubscriptionFlow found the following requirements:

Like many other telecommunication businesses, AllData United wanted an improvement in ROI. So, a well-integrated and customized subscription management platform was to be developed for them.


SubscriptionFlow experts succeeded in offering AllData United the following solutions:

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, SubscriptionFlow provided AllData United with automatic and manual dunning management. Also, relevant welcome emails are generated for paid and unpaid subscribers. A data import guide is provided to AllData United to import customer data from Square to SubscriptionFlow.



SubscriptionFlow has completed and implemented the requirements of AllData United. Their own email server configurations have been set up. Now, all the emails are being sent from ‘[email protected]’. Furthermore, they have also synced the inbound emails from this email.

SubscriptionFlow has also integrated the payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) to enable AllData United to complete transactions safely. While implementing the system for AllData United, they needed their customer data to be imported from Square. We gave them an import guide which they use to import their customers from Square to SubscriptionFlow.

Zapier is being used to integrate SubscriptionFlow with ShipStation. Also, a zap is created that ensures the customers created in SubscriptionFlow get accurately synced with Podio.

Looking Forward

To date, SubscriptionFlow and AllData United have maintained a good B2B relationship. AllData United is still onboard because team SubscriptionFlow is successfully offering what they need. It is hoped that in the future, the relationship will strengthen. SubscritionFlow is a scalable subscription management platform that can be integrated with third-party applications. When businesses expand, they need to adopt other applications and software. Now that the business of AllData Untied is expanding, SubscriptionFlow can help them grow more by offering integrations that they need.