Subscription Retention Analytics: Optimize the Visibility In Your Customer Behaviors and Business Health

Subscription-based model businesses need to keep a strict eye on subscription retention and churn analytics so that they can monitor their customer behaviours and revenue growth.

When we talk about subscriber and churn analytics with special reference to customer retention, certain variables are important for everyone to calculate and track.

In this article, we are going to look at customer retention from three perspectives on how we can have clear visibility for customer retention and business health.

A Clear Visibility In Customer Behaviours Translates To Implementation of Strategies

Having clear visibility of customer behaviours across the customer base is as important as acquiring new customers because one has to think from the perspective of long-term results such as retaining a customer for a long and keep generating more revenue from the existing customer base. The retention strategies are used to answer what the companies should do for their next step further.

Having clear visibility translates into devising retention strategies that are more appropriate for the business’s success and can lead to high customer health scores.

Leveraging retention management features in your subscription management software will add value to it. RetentionFlow App powered by SubscriptionFlow will help you in providing visibility to your customer base and retention rate as well.

Let’s discuss this in detail now.

RetentionFlow—A Tool to Optimize Subscriber Retention

SubscriptionFlow recently launched its app of RetentionFlow which analyzes customer health scores for your business. it is built for the SaaS and B2B businesses so that every company or business manages its customer retention rate based on the churn factors. In our application, the churn factors are created against events triggered when some actions are performed or not performed.

For every business, the trigger events can be customized in the RetentionFlow App. For an instance, if a customer does not log in for 2 days or logs in with a gap of 2 days, then the merchant can set it as the triggering event.

Next comes the churn factors. They identify the cause when a customer churns. Identifying the cause of churn is important as it helps merchants understand the point of view of customers. This is further useful as merchants can track and later reduce the churn rate based on the suggestions and recommendations put forth by the smart system to devise customer retention strategies. It elevates their marketing retention strategies.

Customer Health Scores

Customer health scores determine the health of the customer in terms of retention. For B2B and SaaS businesses, customer health scores determine the probability of their recurring revenue potential or customer lifetime value from a certain customer.

It clears the visibility in terms of segmenting the customers according to the customer health scores. In case, a customer has a low health score then it is most likely to churn.

If you do not have a customer retention app or customer retention software then it will get difficult for you to achieve the visibility you are looking for. Automation and metrics are the kings for determining them.

With the RetentionFlow App, you can get the customer health scores segmented into two upper categories i.e., Good and Not Good.

Under the umbrella of these two categories, we have three more churn scores that show the exact risk and they are:

  • Low Risk
  • Moderate Risk
  • High Risk

The churns cores that are the analytics for customer retention make visibility even more clear when you have previous analytics along with the current ones. For comparing analytics, merchants can analyze their growth over a certain period.

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Implementation Of Retention Strategies

To employ the customer retention strategies, SubscriptionFlow as the customer retention software is the best choice to manage subscribers and their retention game. To plan and ensure customer retention, different strategies can be used.

For example, offering discounts, vouchers, and exclusive benefits to the customers can make them retain. If a customer comes on the exit page to cancel the subscription. Offering customers to pause the subscription can be a good way to retain so that the churn rate is controlled.

Merchants can offer customized discounts, vouchers, and coupons to customers. The RetentionFlow App implements the strategies as set by the owner.

In the end, all that matters is retention cohorts. Retention cohorts of a complete database will help you locate your business position with special reference to business health.

HubSpot and SubscriptionFlow Integration

Subscription flow provides HubSpot integration to manage your data seamlessly and run inbound marketing strategies without any obstacles to keep influencing your customers to stay loyal. With this integration, you can execute all the processes required for the business through automation.

Our customer segmentation and clear subscription pipeline visibility give merchants room to make their business scale in the global arena.

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